For the Love of...Decay

The theme at Kim's Texture Tuesday this week was a fill in the blank.  "For the Love of...."
After shooting on Sunday, it was easy to fill in the blank. 
What always speak to me:
 Leaf skeletons?  Decay.  
Chippy paint? Decay.
Rust? Decay
Rotting logs? Decay.
Abandoned buildings? Decay.

I really like how this house sits back in all the overgrown trees, emphasizing it's neglect.  Out of sight...out of mind, as the saying goes.

I textured the image with one from Kim's Downton Collection, "Mary".

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. I love how you textured your image - it looks like an old postcard! I guess that I love decay too :) This house looks a little haunted too!

  2. Thanks for visiting and following! Will follow back and find you on instagram. LOVE your 365 - my 365 is a pic with a quote each day. A favorite I've found, which I thought of looking through your sky shots - "Nature is a mutable cloud, which is always and never the same." Emerson. This abandoned house is so pretty - they (whoever "they" are) just leveled a beautiful old house not far from me. I am so glad that I got pics of it in the fall...I just love old architecture!

  3. looks mysterious and inviting!

  4. Decay has its own beauty, that's for certain. It takes willing eyes and heart to see it. You always capture it.

  5. Really great. Love how the texture gives a misty cloudy look to fit in with decay.

  6. oh my gosh... lovely image...and you love what i love. :)


  7. yes...we're all loving that made it look so beautiful...


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