Beautiful Weather

This looks far more like a fall day blog post than a January blog post!  At least for Nebraska that is.
This is a big old cottonwood on our place.  I know so many don't like cottonwoods because the branches crack off so easily.  But, those, people don't watch the leaves dance from their windows.  Or listen to the cottonwood leaves rustle in the wind.

And look at the beauty from a fallen branch of a cottonwood.
It's frozen to the ground right now but when it thaws I believe I will bring it in although it's big.  It has another branch scar like this on the other side.  I found some smaller ones yesterday that weren't frozen to the ground and they are drying on my back step right now.
I suppose there is a word for this formation.  Anyone know?

And, always, I scrounge for leaf skeletons.  Yesterday, did not disappoint.

I hope you had a nice weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos. I like cottonwood trees. They grow up north where I grew up, huge stands of them beside the river, blowing cotton all over the city in the spring/summer. Your girls are darling.

  2. How nice to be able to get out and about and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine...
    fabulous tree and really lovely photos too...

    when I hear the word 'cottonwood' I always think of the the song TAMMY by Debbie Reynolds or was it Brenda Lee (so long ago....)

    skeletonized leaves have such a magical quality about them ♥

    I haven't been outside much at all recently with the Arctic Blast that has settled in...


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