I Like Rocks.

I like rocks a lot.  I'm not sure when it started because I remember laughing at my husband, Jim, (for those new here, he passed away 13 years ago) when he wanted to go into a rock store on vacation.  And, we bought bags of rocks.  I teased him a lot.

Well, now, I have rocks here and there throughout the house. Nothing special.  Driveway rocks.  But, they are special. Just because. My youngest three girls go out a find rocks in our driveway that they think I will like then bring them in for a "rock show" to sell them to me. A penny for some, nickels for some....  That may be where the jar of rocks that has been sitting on my dresser for a long time came from.  It's been there awhile and I've enjoyed it even under the coat of dust it had.

Anyway, post Christmas is always a purging/dusting sort of phase I go through as many do.  As I was dusting our bedroom, the rocks grabbed my attention again and I took time to play with them.  Not by chance, the next day, a friend sent me a poem through email about not worrying about dusting and enjoying life.  :)  
I had, I told her.

My Friday Find this week:  
Driveway Rocks. Memories. Love. Taking Time To See It.

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  1. I love your rocks...I would pay a nickel for them...

  2. I love rocks too! My husband gets mad because I put rocks in my suitcase to bring home from vacation. He doesn't like the added weight to a suitcase he usually carries. I buy small bowls to put the rocks in and each bowl reminds me of a special time.

  3. I love this...reminds me of a story when I was a kid. Dick had a "rock" club and Dave and Linda were the members. Years ago they found a journal in which Dick had written..."Dave found good rocks today. Linda found no good rocks and made no effort to find good rocks." LOL!! Thanks for the memories today...and for the record I love rocks too. :)

  4. So funny because I love rocks too! I actually collect them and take one from each place we visit! I can really relate to your post!! I am going to be participating in a stone swap with another blogger! It is the little things in life for sure! A happy weekend to you! Nicole

  5. Lovely heart ... and a beautiful story, Jill !
    Nice weekend,

  6. Your rocks do look so special. I love rocks too....and collect them when we travel. Like your image very much.

  7. such a lovely post dear Jill that touches my he♥rt in so many ways...
    you and Jim in the rock store makes me smile...
    I have often wondered WHAT it is about rocks that attracts me so much...
    this quote came to mind as I was typing:
    “Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” ~Serbian proverb

  8. I love rocks too! I love using them in my summer decor and scattered around the house. Every summer the family and I do a lot of ATVing and playing in the river . . . while everyone else is busy I'm hunting for the perfect rock. I even get helpers sometimes.

  9. Me too! Two Sundays ago, our Pastor did a baptismal reaffirmation. He pulled out the baptismal basin, filled it with water and rocks and we all went to the front and pulled a stone from the water. I chose a triangular gold one that is very smooth and has a reddish vein going through it that looks like a cross. I carry it in my pocket and find myself rubbing it throughout the day. It reminds me of Gods presence, even in ordinary quiet times.


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