Saturday Digest

►We made a quick trip up to the farm yesterday to take some pictures and check out some sheds.  Coming home, we were treated to a magnificent sunset.  By the time I got to where I could pull over, it was almost completely down.  A Nebraska sunset complete with cows in the foreground.  Funny thing about a sunset, it's God's gift to absolutely everyone, but when you look at it through your own eyes with Him, you feel like it was a gift given just for you.

►With the lightening speed communication in the world, often times I'm  not sure if I'm on the front end or the rear end (ha!) of an idea or popular "thing".  So that being said, This was new to me this past summer when we attended the wedding of a friend's son.  They had a short story of "Where they were from" and I learned that it's kind of a popular thing to do.  I've not tried it, but you can find the template to do it here. It seems like an excellent exercise to do!

►At Christmas I placed a large order from Amazon and accidentally ordered two copies of the same book, one in hard back and one in paperback.  I know, a bit scatterbrained at the time.  I finally got to the task of returning the paperback this week.  When I went to the "returns" page, they have a drop down menu to select why you are returning the item.  "Accidental Order" was the first on the list.  ?!?!?!  I am obviously not the only one to accidentally order something!  AND, then, when I completed the task, a pop up window, well, popped up, and said that this item is "on us", no need to return it and a credit will be given.  Thank you Amazon.  

Artizen Magazine featured a story in their latest magazine about this neat project, Art-O-Mats. I found out there are two in Nebraska!  I hope to buy some small pieces of art soon!  I know Lisa of Lil Fish Studios has put some of her felted and stitched stones in an Art-O-Mat.  For more information, go to the Art-O-Mat web site.   Be sure to check out the page showing all of the machines they have refurbished.


  1. I am sure it was easier for Amazon to give you the book than the hassle of returning. Love God's gift of the Sunset.

  2. How fun to get a "free pass" from Amazon!

  3. Sunsets are gifts from God, as are the eyes to see them with. Amazon's return policy is really something.
    I hope your week is full of more sunsets!

  4. So much to enjoy in this post beginning with your lovely sunset...
    I can snap a good dozen photos of each sunset as they change by the second...a beautiful gift indeed!

    I did get to see an Art-o-Mat machine in person here in Virginia once...must keep my eye out for more.

    I cannot begin to imagine what volume Amazon handles during the holidays and every other day for that nice for you!


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