In Heaven There Is No......

I assume the world knows the old Polka, "In Heaven There is No Beer", right?  Here is a link, in case you don't.  Oh gosh, when I searched You Tube for a video of this song....well, let's just say, there were many that weren't very good!!

Anyway, Friday, when the little girls and I went up to the farm, I had to bring home a few treasures!  Look at those wonderful rusty barrel rings!! No, I have no idea what I'll do with them, I'm open to suggestions! 

 They (along with a few other rusty pieces) were still in the back of the suburban when we were loading the car to leave for a family visit on Sunday.  My 14 year old daughter was surprised to see this "junk" in the back.  She and I bantered back and forth a bit debating whether my love for rust graces or dis-graces our family, ha!!  It was pretty fun and then she asked, "Well, Mom, do you think there's rust in Heaven???"  Hmmmm.  "I suppose not."  "That's why I better collect it here!"  Which then led to me breaking out in song....(which I can completely attest would have brought "dis-grace" to anyone listening).  My husband even helped me with the words!

So here you go, sung to the tune of "In Heaven There is No Beer":

Now, will this song (either version) be stuck in your head all day?!  I'm sorry!


  1. You could start a fence like this one :)

  2. Hanging a collection of these on an outside wooden wall might make an interesting textured display.

  3. hahahahaha! Never heard that song before - I really like your adaptation! Idea - place the rings on a path and fill them with cement - with little goodies embedded - or words written before they harden. It's me - maryruth!!!

  4. I have a couple of these rings...I've hung them at times in my dining room and then put a framed picture inside...or some other interesting an old clock face...I love them!

  5. You really put a smile on my face with this one...
    I too find rusty bits irresistible and often think that my father would cringe as he spend so much of his life making sure things not rust ;)
    These sure ARE some fabulous rusty rings now in a very good home!


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