'Tis the Season for Hearts

Walking through the dining room in the morning this week, the sun shining on my coffee cup turned candle holder caught my eye and look what I found. :)

Over the past couple of years, I've posted a few times about hearts and Valentines.
In case you'd like to reminisce with me:  
The mantle which I enjoyed sooooo much!!!! (which isn't actually a heart, but for Valentine's day)


  1. i heart this...(sorry, i couldn't stop myself) I have a collection of heart shaped rocks.

  2. Such a lovely heart, great capture !
    Beautiful 'heart' posts too !
    Nice weekend,

  3. Oh, this is such sweetness. This post reminds me to get out the heart garland I made from your instructions a couple of years ago.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jill.

  4. How cool is that - I love heart -- I look for heart shapes in nature - in almost everything -- It's a pass time with me to see if I can find a heart shape anything.. fun! So this image is so cool...


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