Paper Bag Valentines

While preparing for our 4h club meeting this month, I was heading down the path of my vast stash of bias tape, and looking for a project that kids could do in a short period of time.

I experimented quite a bit and came up with some things that some of you might enjoy, but I think too hard for what I needed for this meeting.  Then all of a sudden while perusing the interweb looking for inspiration, I found this and shifted gears.

This post on the blog called Andrea Currie Crafts caught my eye.  I have a lot of sacks.  I have even more sacks than I have bias tape.  Why?  Because supplies happen.

You could get as fussy and fancy as you want when you decorate these up.  I was just trying to get out some prototypes quick-like, so I kept my decorating of them to basic and simple.  

You could also add a little Valentine treat inside too.  

I used a bigger sack here and just omitted the handle to make a soda glass.
I was going to use a real straw in here, and then this idea happened instead. I thought it was kind of fun.

This one is my favorite with it's heart "steam"! The steam is easy to free-hand cut. Here it's from another paper bag, on the other ones I used scrap book paper.  Almost any scrap paper could work.

I shredded the left over scraps of my bags to use to add a little "whipped cream, coffee, and tea" to the cups. Tissue paper would work too and they would also be fine without either.

They aren't super strong so you aren't going to fill them with candy, but they do really sit well and are just perfect for a little Valentine gift for someone. 

You can find all of her directions for making the cups here at Andrea's site

~have a great day~


  1. That's a wonderful idea!!!! They look so nice - the kids will love making them. The gift inside could be a tea bag? Or a little love note. If I were a kid, I'd love being in your 4-H group!!! ♥♥♥

  2. So cute. When the grands are a little older, this will be a fun project to make with them and surprise mommy and daddy.

  3. These are precious---you are good! And thanks for the link! :)


  4. Cute ideas - these would be fun for the little grand girlies of mine.

  5. cute - and easy - and yes, I know all about having a supply of stuff - that comes in handy every once in a while!


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