Rust, Scraps, Fragments

I went to my sewing room to make a pillow out of an old chenille bedspread.  I made a heart one the other day and thought I'd make another. thing led to another and I made this triptych instead.  

I used to not be a fan of Valentine's Day and now I love it!!  Ha. "Love it".  yeah, well it's true.

My prayer life has led me to focusing on love which of course is where everyone's prayer life leads.
  Because God is love.

Everything about this triptych represents our human condition.  It's scrappy and imperfect.  

Little bits of this and that weigh on our hearts to make us who we are.

Of course there is always time weighing on us.  The time that God created and we try constantly to manipulate, organize, and "make the most of".  

The key, may be in removing the hands from the clock.  
Eternity has begun.  
God is timeless. 
God is love.

And, the triptych?  The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I pray His love envelops you on Valentine's Day and every day!!
Happy Valentine's Day my friends!!!


  1. Very touching and beautiful post for Valentine's Day, dear Jill! You've created another lovely illustration of your faith to inspire the rest of us!

  2. Love this post! And yes, eternity is well underway! So delighted to be His; the one who holds each of our days in His loving hands!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. The perfect piece of meaningful art. Art journaling in a 3-D form. Wonderful!


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