Saturday Digest

►This sleepy doll slumber party is the CUTEST!  I know my 9 and 10 year old would have fun with these dolls! This just makes me heart happy and makes me want to play "slumber party" too.

►I know everyone is waaaaayyyy past thinking about Christmas and even beyond Valentine's Day, looking to spring, but I still think this video is still inspiring to watch.  Anthropology windows never disappoint.

The best fine mist water bottle ever!  I ordered two for me and more for gifts.  If you ever need to wet hair, this water bottle is awesome.  My little girls would cry when you'd spray their hair because the big drops would just roll down their hair and get their shirts wet so we'd need to drape their shoulders with a towel and spray so much water.  This is a fine and long mist that wets the hair so nicely with less pumping.  And, free shipping from the UK!

►A vintage photo from my collection.  The questions that popped into my mind: Did they sing too?  And what songs did they like to play?  Mother/daughter?  Were they good?  It's such a great photo to stir the imagination.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Oh the fine mist water bottle where was that when my daughter was young. You brought back the memories, the towel draped around the neck, the tears...


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