Woodland Peace (but be careful...)

The day on Saturday was overcast and the rain was just beginning to sprinkle when my husband told me that the Dame's Rocket was blooming.

Oh, goodness.  The color was luminescent with the heavy cloud cover.

Truly, magical.  And so peaceful.

As long as you were really, really, careful to not get in the poison ivy!!  

We have quite a bit of it around and in this place in particular.  We put out flags where we find it and then spray it.  That way we can watch over the years.
My husband got quite a rash from it once and he's of the mind to not ever let that happen again.  Long pants, socks, shoes, long sleeves...check.  If we ever suspect we were in some, we wash with really cold water and soap.  

(I decided to quit fussing about Blogger and just get comfortable with the changes....)

Happy Tuesday to you!


Good Monday!!

I'll begin with a side note:  Blogger has made some changes and I'm having a little trouble adapting to the way posts are created.  I have to say, I'm not liking it much.  So many people have moved away from Blogger, but I've stayed because I'm not ready to pay for a site and because moving my blog seems like a really big job.  I know it's a really big job that I would probably need to hire someone to do.  It may be coming to that because I really don't like how things are now.   I had just created a post and then click---oops---it was gone.  

I took this image from an abandoned barn we had permission to explore this weekend.  The moodiness and mystery of it....♥♥

Now, I'm off to get some other work done so I won't recreate my first post and just share my image.

Remember I'm praying along with all of you for a cure, vaccine, and graces for our world.  


One Man's Weed...

is another man's flower.

Wow.  Am I right?
Look at those tiny little heart seed pods.  At least I'm pretty sure they are the immature seed pods or fruits as they are specifically called.

I've noticed this particular weed for years, but this year I really noticed it.  As in, what in the world is this gorgeous little volunteer and can I grow it where I want it? 

Will it last in a vase? I wondered.  Yes, it will! 

A big question: What IS it?  I thought I knew.  Pennycress.  But, when I checked, I was wrong.  It is Shepherd's Purse. Cool name, huh?  I do have Field Pennycress growing as a weed around here too and am going to investigate cultivating it for dried flowers.  

Now, if I can "harness" them and get them to grow where I want them I'll be thrilled. 

Little hearts showing up right now in the world was pretty wonderful.

♥ A very surprising gift for sure.  ♥
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