Woodland Peace (but be careful...)

The day on Saturday was overcast and the rain was just beginning to sprinkle when my husband told me that the Dame's Rocket was blooming.

Oh, goodness.  The color was luminescent with the heavy cloud cover.

Truly, magical.  And so peaceful.

As long as you were really, really, careful to not get in the poison ivy!!  

We have quite a bit of it around and in this place in particular.  We put out flags where we find it and then spray it.  That way we can watch over the years.
My husband got quite a rash from it once and he's of the mind to not ever let that happen again.  Long pants, socks, shoes, long sleeves...check.  If we ever suspect we were in some, we wash with really cold water and soap.  

(I decided to quit fussing about Blogger and just get comfortable with the changes....)

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Oh I got poison oak ,ivy and sumac so often as a kid. Makes me itch now just thinking about it. I got it in horrible places from sitting in it and scratching ears . YIKES! I never change anything on the blog as I am still waiting for my NEW one from son which is now 18 months later. He's working 10 hour days I just can't ask him... : (

  2. Sorry about Blogger, Jill. Too many changes all at once, but God's gifts are constant and you've captured some of them in these beautiful photos. We call them wild phlox here in Pennsylvania. They're out in force here, too.

    Mom treated our poison ivy by wetting a bar of Fels Naptha soap and rubbing it on the blisters. Must have been the naptha that helped, one of those old time things that have been removed from today's products.

  3. Should have said that Fels Naptha is still available, but without the naptha! It won't help poison ivy.

  4. beautiful! I'm had it twice!!! Awful stuff

  5. Beautiful colour in the woods. I've never had a run in with poison ivy and I like that just fine!


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