A Scrappy Fabric Cake, Celebrate!

I think my favorite projects fluctuate between the one I'm currently working on and the one in my head.

But, this one will remain a favorite for a very long time!  

~doily from my grandmother~

The inspiration came from Sew Somerset's Winter 2016 magazine.
This issue was particularly inspiring to me, and I hope to make more projects from it.

~candlestick base~

The creator of the project is Andrea Ockey Parr.

A little of this and that all came together in the best scrapiest fashion!

Of course the nest needed to be created with scraps of thead. (pulled from a jar of scraps I keep in my sewing cabinet drawer)

I'm calling it a "Celebration Cake"  because it's celebrating my Mom for the whole year!

The tiers are about 8", 5", 3".  I cut foam from pieces I had on hand. Which isn't all that fun to do.

Now, there is another one in my head, but I'm not sure what it will be celebrating yet, maybe just life!

A Surreal Scene

Is anyone dreaming of a White Easter???

I wasn't planning on posting today, but it started snowing and it's so beautiful out.  I went to shoot the big flakes and I just love the surreal scene that is out our front door!

I hope you all have a blessed and green Easter!

Primitive Art Supplies

{{Using the most primitive art supplies:  sticks, twigs, roots, moss, and my hands}}

We are going to be doing a couple projects and lessons about electricity in our 4h club.  One of the first activities the book takes the kids through is listing their favorite things to do and then deciding if those things take electricity to do, reminding them that batteries are electricity.  

What a good exercise for adults too!  And, it has led to a lot of reflection for me especially during this Holy Week.

 I sat by the pond Tuesday thinking about such things.  No electricity in Jesus' time on earth.  No widespread use of electricity even in Nebraska until the early 1900s.  Thinking about such things  I played with just what was at my feet and my sides.  

Of course I was certainly using electricity to capture these images with my phone!   We will never again be void of electricity in our world.  When you really think about our reliance on it, it is almost scary.

I know my girls will have fun going out with me again to create a little collage themselves!

And, then there were the roots.  I've always been fascinated by roots.  This time I saw a fairy.  Do you see it too?  And, then with lots of electricity...a little photo editing....

I'm always been a bit put off by the notion of "believing in fairies" in children books.  However,  I do love imagination!  And, when I see a fairy in the roots...I think I have to go with it!

I hope this Easter Triduum will be a blessed time for you with simple pleasures!

Easter People

A number of years ago, I used to dread Lent.  Dread it.  It felt dark and ominous.  I'd spent so many years coming to know that God loved me just as I am that to focus on my sinfulness all anew was not very encouraging.  And, when I focused on what He went through I almost felt despair.

I asked a priest if it was okay if I looked ahead to Easter as I traveled through Lent.  He said, "Of course!" "We are an Easter people!"  
And, that was the beginning of my understanding and yes, enjoying Lent.

I later discovered that there is a popular quote from Pope John Paul II on that same point.

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair.  We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song."

Today, more terrorist attacks.  But, this is Holy Week.  We know who has already won the battle against evil.  And, we will not despair.  We are an Easter People.

Saturday Digest

►My granddaughter playing with a set of silhouette fairy-tale puppets the girls have from Christmas.  They used a flashlight in the closet the night before, but on Monday morning, the sun set the stage!

►I really think the Google Doodle team outdid themselves with last Wednesday's Doodle which you can view here.  I had never heard of Clara Rockmore or a Theremin.  Had you?  Intriguing.  There are more you tube videos of her and others playing the instrument too.

►There's a  new blog written by Father Mauritius Wilde, the Prior at the Saint Benedict Center just outside of our town.  This will be good. :)

►Funny story:  I was editing pictures on the computer with determination and focus on Monday while my (almost 4 y/o) granddaughter played at my feet.  In exasperation at not being able to keep my place in the editing process  (I kept scrolling by the option I wanted) I said, "It would help if I could just remember where I am!"  I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my granddaughter quit playing and was staring at me.  When I looked down at her, she said with wide eyes, very deliberately and slowly, "You......are.....in......the den."  And, so it begins.  At age 3 and 52, 'the my grandma is nuts' concern.  I'm still laughing!

Fun DIY Play

I posted back in December about how much my younger 3 enjoy the Nancy Drew computer games.

A couple of months ago, I saw the little girls had propped an open book to look like a laptop for their dolls to play with!  I asked them if they'd like to make a little laptop for the dolls and they thought it was great idea.

Simple enough using cardboard taped together with black paper on the back and for the "keyboard".  They used a white gel pen to create their own keyboard on the paper.

I found a Nancy Drew image online, printed it out, then tacked it to a piece of black paper with a glue stick.  I cut it out, pulled off the pattern, and added a piece of yellow construction paper for the light beam, all mounted on a white background.  Fairly easy.  If you had black ink (which we don't) I suppose you could just fussy cut the black print out and be done.  I've been printing (for 2 years now) in magenta and blue and yellow and it's all very faded until I decide what kind of printer/scanner I need to get.  I don't want to buy the expensive ink that goes with our printer when it needs to be replaced.  Long story.  Not worth telling. :)

The dolls may need to have limits put on their computer time, they've been sitting with their laptop open for weeks!

A Cozy Spring Fire

On Saturday, I took engagement pictures of one of my nephews and his fiance.  The day was overcast and cool, and it seemed that a cozy fire would make for some wonderful pictures.  Since they like to camp, it was really a good fit.

So with my son building and tending the fire and my second daughter helping with props and poses, we had a great photo session!

And, now I have plans for another fire soon as I understand our nice weather will be cooling down again.  I think it will be for my husband and I with a couple of beers. :)

Okay, there's no way it will be just that of course...I'm sure there will be kids and marshmallows too.

I'll post a few more pictures of our session after the couple get to see them.

Happy Monday!

Snail Mail Via the Internet

A Feather

 I went out to take texture photographs for a couple of online Photography classes I'm taking.

Photoshop Artistry is one of the courses.

I took quite a few photos of various textures outside, but it's this feather I became enamored with.

You may be surprised that I'm pretty sure this feather came out of my tattered down filled coat. 

You just never know where you are going to find a treasure!

I've only watched the introductory videos for the classes, so, much lies ahead...kind of exciting!

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