A Cozy Spring Fire

On Saturday, I took engagement pictures of one of my nephews and his fiance.  The day was overcast and cool, and it seemed that a cozy fire would make for some wonderful pictures.  Since they like to camp, it was really a good fit.

So with my son building and tending the fire and my second daughter helping with props and poses, we had a great photo session!

And, now I have plans for another fire soon as I understand our nice weather will be cooling down again.  I think it will be for my husband and I with a couple of beers. :)

Okay, there's no way it will be just that of course...I'm sure there will be kids and marshmallows too.

I'll post a few more pictures of our session after the couple get to see them.

Happy Monday!


  1. What a great setting for the photographs, especially if the couple likes to camp. I love the touches of the cozy blanket and mugs of warm tea.

    We have bonfires at the lake all the time...even in the summer to keep the mosquitos away---we just sit further back! lol! Miss that until we are finished with our reno.


  2. There's nothing like sitting outside by a fire - with cocoa, tea or beer!

  3. How awesome! Love the fire and the mugs and the quilt/throw!!!!


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