A Scrappy Fabric Cake, Celebrate!

I think my favorite projects fluctuate between the one I'm currently working on and the one in my head.

But, this one will remain a favorite for a very long time!  

~doily from my grandmother~

The inspiration came from Sew Somerset's Winter 2016 magazine.
This issue was particularly inspiring to me, and I hope to make more projects from it.

~candlestick base~

The creator of the project is Andrea Ockey Parr.

A little of this and that all came together in the best scrapiest fashion!

Of course the nest needed to be created with scraps of thead. (pulled from a jar of scraps I keep in my sewing cabinet drawer)

I'm calling it a "Celebration Cake"  because it's celebrating my Mom for the whole year!

The tiers are about 8", 5", 3".  I cut foam from pieces I had on hand. Which isn't all that fun to do.

Now, there is another one in my head, but I'm not sure what it will be celebrating yet, maybe just life!


  1. Seriously LOVE this creation.

  2. Totally wonderful and delightful Jill!
    Your photos are extra lovely too.
    Precious ♥


  3. That is so adorable. And how talented you are to get it together.
    Love the material combinations

  4. Jill! What a treat to have you swing by my blog and let me know about this FABULOUS project! Your end result is simply amazing! I really love how you used so many vintage elements and I am DYING at how adorable your flags are!!! Each tier is just perfect and the concept of a celebration cake that you can enjoy all year round is brilliant. I thought it was so clever of you to make your flags representing different holidays to celebrate. And that bird's nest is GENIUS! I also really like how you incorporated your grandma's doily so that it has even more emotional impact for you and your mom. What a wonderful tribute to amazing women (and talented crafters)spanning generations! I think you nailed this in all ways and it absolutely made my day to see how you made this project your own. Thank you SO MUCH for directing me here to see this stunning piece of art!

  5. This is so adorable! Love, love, love it!!!


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