Those Suffering in Silence

A few times over the years, my heart has been made aware of those who suffer in silence.

I begin to type and think of all the ways that people suffer silently.

And, I kind of want to list examples of silent sufferings.

To make us aware.

To include those who may be reading and have their own silent sufferings.

But I think listing some would detract from what I want to say. 

Or not listing a particular suffering may make someone out there feel even more alone.

You are not alone.  No one is alone.  You may suffer silently, but you are not alone.

Many suffer silently.  Perhaps at some time, everyone suffers silently.

Jesus, who suffered silently, is with you.  

He is light and He is with you.

And, I am praying for you.

Art in the Garden

The Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska was the site of the "Art in the Garden" show this past Saturday. 

It worked out that I was able to go along with my oldest and two youngest girls. 

Sooooo pretty!

So many plants I wish I would have gotten the names of...

There were quite a few artists throughout the garden.



~ a wood lampshade ~

My favorite piece!


Creating something that I could bolt a rusty price tag that I had made on that would be awesome!

This structure at the garden is also impressive.

This is only the second time I've been here and neither afforded the time to find out more about this gazebo.

There were too many people there to  take a better look at the other side. I need to go back!

I bought a macrame bottle holder, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet, so hopefully will show you that another day.

~Happy Monday!~

Saturday Digest

It's been ages since I've had a Saturday Digest post, it's time for one!

►I bought this necklace two years ago at an "Art in the Garden" show I walked through with one of my daughters.  The show is today again in Lincoln and I'm hoping I get to go! The necklace is crocheted with the neatest assortment of beads. I have worn it all year, but it's especially fitting for the fall.  I think I need to try to crochet a necklace myself.

►Have you seen metal ribbon?!  I saw it for the first time about a month ago at Hobby Lobby and thought I better buy some...I left the price tags on just in case I decided to return it.  Ribbon rolls were half price that day so they were relatively inexpensive. I don't have anything specific in mind, except that is has potential and seems like a good supply to have on hand. 

I found these projects that others have used it for:  mirrored vanity tray, a rustic wood picture frame, a floral crown, and this metal pumpkin.  Have any of you used it?

►For the sewer:  this mug and this one are both cute. :) 
► Another for the sewer: a blogger, Angie, made stuffed balloon animal dogs, cute!

►Bullseyebeads on Etsy has this awesome acorn necklace. She has a lot of acorn bead items.  Perfect for right now!

~Have a great fall weekend!~
This post was scheduled to post this morning and it didn't...hmmm...I did get to go to the Art Show again. Yay!

The Country Market by Pilger Nebraska

My sister in law, along with her husband and two boys, host a big event up by Pilger Nebraska called The Country Market.  I think this may be their 5th year of running this event and I've not been able to attend it until this month! They really have a good thing going here!  The Country Market runs the first Saturday of the month from July to October.

The Market is held on the grounds of what once was a Highway rest area maintained by the state of Nebraska.  Now it is private property, but it's beautifully maintained and has lots of space for vendors and parking!

Here's the welcome booth manned by my sister in law's mother.  This is a family affair!

I know you'll think this is great too...lampshades hanging to alert people to the guest book. Is your mind spinning with how you could use this idea?

I thought you may enjoy seeing a bit of the market.  Since I'm attracted to the old...that's what I took pictures of, but there are also lots of food vendors, crafts, and some home business booths also.  Pretty much a bit of everything.


I have two chicken feeders ready for me to fill them with fall decor...waiting in my laundry room.

This was new to me: using washboards as cupboard doors.

I will always stop at zinc lids and rusty enameled pails.  Then remember that I have enough of them. (Can you have enough of them?)

A wainscoating cupboard...this could fit in so many places...

Sweet chair ready for your home!

Always...must peruse the vintage jewelry....


I didn't have the time to stop and ask what kind of tree these branches came from or the price, but I thought they were really neat.

Great desk chairs.

This is a great use of a broken chair...turned into a shelf and place for hooks.

There was  nice breeze and people were mulling everywhere enjoying themselves!

I liked these a lot!

I usually see the flowers made out of mismatched glass pieces but these metal tray flowers were neat!

Concrete stepping stones or bird baths.  These were really nice.

A little of "this and that" on a great white table.

I wish I had a place for that embroidered bird picture.

This vendor had purchased  a lot of these aluminum signs that had been stored in an old barn.  They were advertising pieces that had been used in a newspaper in Wayne, Nebraska.  They were unique!

Nice patina on this cupboard door.


Plenty of crates and boxes to choose from.

We ran into my mother-in-law and other sister-in-laws up there.  They enjoyed some fresh squeezed lemonade. :)

Another gourd vendor...I loved this antler turned handle on this gourd.

Lots of spoon rings!

Spoon bowl bracelets.

This is a shot inside the trailer of the makers who brought the spoon jewelry.  They had their equipment right on site to resize and work while there.

This is another shot inside the trailer of the jewelry makers.  I didn't have the time to get names and information on the vendors.

I always think Kitchen-Klatter and Workbasket magazines are fun to look through.

♫ There was music...which was sooooo neat for the atmosphere. ♫

Places to enjoy your lunch while listening to the music.

 The windmill hammers down the rural atmosphere for a Country Market!

 These were the goods I took home: a wonderful homey embroidered picture of a cottage and two metal screen covers that I believe were used to cover cream cans.  I plan to use them as towel holders or to hang vintage fabric from for display.

 They have a couple of photo booths set up for fun pictures. (My 10 year old is there also on the right side.) You can take your own or there is someone there to take them for you and then they upload them to the Country Market  Facebook page.  All is free of course!  (I did my own photo editing.)

These two will always dress up when given the chance. :)

If you are local, check out the The Country Market facebook page and be sure to mark your calendars for the first Saturdays of July, August, September, and October!  You can still make it to the October event this year!

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