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My daughter found this last night on one of her favorite blogs.  I just really wanted to pass this incredible sweetness from Posie Gets Cozy on.  It would look so sweet the our gals playroom, but honestly it's such a hodgepodge in there I believe all the work that would go into this would just be lost.  Makes me want to find some vintage looking text and embroider something for my sewing room.  Just so inspiring I think!  Find the blog post and how to preorder the kit here.  She also has a free pattern to embroider Queen Anne's Lace here...ooohh, that would look quite nice on a piece of vintage fabric!

Hope you're having a great weekend! My sick kids are on the mend, the wedding centerpieces are almost done, and the wind died down, so it's looking brighter around here this morning!

Wedding Project: Card Holder

Lauren thought a bird cage would be neat for a card holder.  Well, what do you know?  I happen to have one!  First off, clip out some of the bars so there is an opening to put the cards.  This was followed by a lot of grinding with my dremmel to smooth the cut edges.  I tried taking a picture, but camera, sparks from the grinding, and no one around to take the picture...

Secondly, spray paint cage and base with primer and black paint.

Third step, realize it's too black, too plain, too...not right.

So, paint it white and distress it.  Paint, scuff, paint, scuff...

Paint, scuff, sand, paint, sand....oh, you get the idea?  can I stop with the repetition?!

Then embellish away.  Which meant adding all kinds of flowers wired this way and that way, only to say, "hmm...don't like that much" and take them all off and start again!  Of course I didn't take a picture of the rejected design.  That would be scarring.

I think banners of burlap could adorn every part of my house and I'd love them!

The burlap just goes naturally with the wood theme we have going.

Just a little bling to enhance the burlap.

We put in a piece of sheet music in the bottom of the cage with mod podge, and we are now good to go with this project!
Randy cut the rest of the centerpieces yesterday!  Yeah!

Have a great day, all!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday with the "Kims" and the Winner(s)!

It's Tea on Tueasday with Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons...what are you up to this week? Well, here it's still wedding planning of course...

and, now that Lent is over, eating potato chips again!   Hopefully, not as many as before. :)

I also, think there will be a focus on the garden as long as it dries up a bit.  I placed a big online order for plants and seeds and a few have come already!  You can visit everyone else for tea here and I'm sure Kimmie would love to have you join up!

Today, is also Texture Tuesday with Kim at the Cafe.  The challenge was to use the "serendipity" texture of hers.  All of these photos were altered with one to two layers of "serendipity".  The challenge next week is that your photo has to include a cup...?!  I'm ahead of the game!  Head over to check out the other Texture Tuesday entries.

Make your own tin can with labels!  Just remove the can label, use a nail and hammer to punch two holes, then wire on a clothespin.  My label is made with scraps and machine embroidery but you could hand embroider, or just use scraps of paper.  Stitch (or glue) some together for an interesting layered look. My can came from an auction filled with old nails and whatnot so has a nice aged look, but a new one will look just fine too!

I decided to draw for two winners from last Tuesdays with the Kims post for clay tags!  The  winners are Redcasa and Halle! (drawn by my little Audrey)  I will be trying to contact you, but if I can't find an email for you, please contact me!

Wedding Project: Tree Collage

Lauren saw somewhere, where a couple had huge life sized pictures of their parents' and grandparents' wedding photographs blown up an placed on clear plexiglass as a backdrop for the head table at their wedding....cannot even imagine (I didn't see the picture) here's our version of bringing the past history of long standing wedded bliss to the reception.

In keeping with the wood/natural and book page theme thing we have going on....our tree collage. The big tree trunk  had branches, so we used them too!
The light was so low when I shot these pictures the other day, and I really didn't want to get out a tripod so the quality shows. 

The groom's parents are top right here.  I LOVE this picture!  They got married in Switzerland off on their own and this photo was taken later in a studio.
Groom's grandparents top left and bottom right, again NEAT wedding photos!
Jim and I are in the top middle.

My parents are top right here. I used to love trying on her dress when I was little.  My Dad died in 1997.

Jim's parents (bride's grandparents) are bottom left.  They had a very small wedding, just attendants. There was bad weather and their parents didn't even make it.  
Randy's parents (bride's grandparents) are in the center back.  Beautiful 1950s dress and coloring!

Randy and I just seven years ago.  Oh, how we've aged in that time!

Corny, I know, but I couldn't resist and Lauren agreed with it!  Get it? tree...?!

Please tell me it's sweet and not just corny?!

OK, it's corny.

But, I like it anyway.

May you all have a blessed Holy Week and feel the hope of the Risen Lord on Easter morning!

Wordless Wednesday

::: ~~ :::

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday With the Kims AND A Small Giveaway...

It's Tuesday....Tea time with Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons and Texture Tuesday with Kim at the Cafe.  Of course I'm drinking coffee instead, but Kimmie doesn't care a tad.  She even microwaves her cold tea just like I do my cold coffee...that stuff is way to pricey to waste! Kim Klassen challenged us this time for texture Tuesday to use two of her textures, 'sweet treat' and 'silence' this week.

My morning cup. Note the light reflecting? and the shadows?  I used a 70s action from Pioneer Woman and Kim's 'sweet treat' texture with the borders pulled out of the photo. (I suppose you noted the coffee rings too, well, that's how it is!)

Here's a close up of that of the can lights in our kitchen reflected perfectly in my coffee!  Can you tell I have trouble focusing on housework some days?!   I can dwell and lolligag looking at shadows and reflections all day.   (photo processed the same way)

Now, the challenge was to use both 'sweet treat' and 'silence' and I did in this photo of my tea time clay tags!

This leads to the giveaway.

I will send the winner six (maybe more?) of my clay tags.  The winner will choose which ones she wants, I have tea pots, bloom tags as posted about here, some initials, some plain, and some with script stamped in them.  Just leave a comment, and I'll draw next Monday to post the winner next Tuesday!

I hope you can steal some time to visit some of the links at Texture Tuesday and Tea on Tuesday!

Mosaic Monday

Spring is so slow to come here!  It's gloomy again today. And cold. And damp.  But, I will continue to think Happy Thoughts of the warmth and garden to come!

More wedding projects later this week...

Happy day to you! Be sure to check out Mary's fun deer post over at Little Red House along with all the other mosaics.

Last Weekend Finds

Here are a few of the finds from this past weekend:

Neat, neat, neat mid century lamp, and some upholstery covered hangers!  Lovely vintage upholstery and colors.  They guy next to me joked, "Who would want those?"  I just smiled at him and bid.

More hangers and art deco photo frames.  Art deco, has always been my favorite decor styles and this weekend, I was able to pick up a few really wonderful items.  In the way back of the picture you can see an upholstery sample book.  I picked up four of them...all leather or simulated leather samples!

Buttons to sort(!), a green celluloid phillip morris box, and some nice jewelry pieces.  Check out the black art deco style beads in the foreground...I usually just buy the reject jewelry at the end of the "choice" at an auction to repurpose and to craft, but at the garage sale I went to, I found some really nice pieces.  I'll keep a couple and sell the rest.

Art deco salt and pepper, metal phone (I have a small collection of metal toy phones) which is about to lose it's broken dial, aluminum coffee pot(!), and beautiful religious picture in a metal oval frame.

More jewelry, some to craft, alter, keep, and sell....

Metal number tacks...cooooool!

A box of film  canisters and quite a few old negatives with some neat vintage pictures to be printed from them. This was a fun box to look through, holding the negatives up to the light with my son and I determining what they were!

I picked up quite a few of these "crown" jars and some old bottles.

I know others find these letter press blocks frequently, but this is only the second time I have.  Love them!!

I kind of messed up the white balance on this picture, the background is actually a lovely 40's pink.  These are for our home, just not sure where to hang...they are so  lovely!

Are you digging the art deco with me?!

Rough, but I'm not sure I'd want it any other way!


This set is already at Cottonwood where I have my booth.  If time and space would have allowed, I would have kept this here for awhile to shoot more pictures and to just sit at it for awhile.  Maybe, in my basement for just a bit.  That would have been fun....drinking coffee and working on a project on it...cutting up vintage magazines for a collage...

Much better sans the broken white plastic dial!

Hello, would you like to come over for coffee?...I have a new table...well, had a new table.  Come over, I'll tell you about it...

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday With the Kims

Yesterday, the sun was shining, again! I have a new spigot jar from the auction, and today is Tea on Tuesday, so I decided to make sun tea.  It's Chinese Oolong, because it was in my pantry. (Fun auction purchase for 50 cents!)

As I worked on projects, the tea brewed.

Kind of nice to live isolated from the street and road, you can have a tree stacked on your porch and no one sees.  Until you post it on your blog. So, this is what I'm up to this week.  Wedding centerpieces, wedding veil,  putting "stuff" away,  marking, taking to my booth, and listing on Etsy, after my weekend of buying.

Visit other Tea on Tuesday posts here at Kim's blog.

Now, for Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen's Cafe...

Another auction buy from this weekend.  How sweet will this be in my tank garden?!  I edited the photo with "cream in my coffee" and "extreme grunge" both from Kim.  Most of the grunge, though, is original :)

Truth be told:  I may have made that sun tea just to post for Tea on Tuesday and to show you my new jar. I may not drink much of it!
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