Last Weekend Finds

Here are a few of the finds from this past weekend:

Neat, neat, neat mid century lamp, and some upholstery covered hangers!  Lovely vintage upholstery and colors.  They guy next to me joked, "Who would want those?"  I just smiled at him and bid.

More hangers and art deco photo frames.  Art deco, has always been my favorite decor styles and this weekend, I was able to pick up a few really wonderful items.  In the way back of the picture you can see an upholstery sample book.  I picked up four of them...all leather or simulated leather samples!

Buttons to sort(!), a green celluloid phillip morris box, and some nice jewelry pieces.  Check out the black art deco style beads in the foreground...I usually just buy the reject jewelry at the end of the "choice" at an auction to repurpose and to craft, but at the garage sale I went to, I found some really nice pieces.  I'll keep a couple and sell the rest.

Art deco salt and pepper, metal phone (I have a small collection of metal toy phones) which is about to lose it's broken dial, aluminum coffee pot(!), and beautiful religious picture in a metal oval frame.

More jewelry, some to craft, alter, keep, and sell....

Metal number tacks...cooooool!

A box of film  canisters and quite a few old negatives with some neat vintage pictures to be printed from them. This was a fun box to look through, holding the negatives up to the light with my son and I determining what they were!

I picked up quite a few of these "crown" jars and some old bottles.

I know others find these letter press blocks frequently, but this is only the second time I have.  Love them!!

I kind of messed up the white balance on this picture, the background is actually a lovely 40's pink.  These are for our home, just not sure where to hang...they are so  lovely!

Are you digging the art deco with me?!

Rough, but I'm not sure I'd want it any other way!


This set is already at Cottonwood where I have my booth.  If time and space would have allowed, I would have kept this here for awhile to shoot more pictures and to just sit at it for awhile.  Maybe, in my basement for just a bit.  That would have been fun....drinking coffee and working on a project on it...cutting up vintage magazines for a collage...

Much better sans the broken white plastic dial!

Hello, would you like to come over for coffee?...I have a new table...well, had a new table.  Come over, I'll tell you about it...


  1. lovely finds! I have a set of metal number pins as well (someone told me they were used for numbering the wooden storm windows when you took them down in spring!?) I have horded them and don't want to part with them...need to find the perfect project for them...
    your blue telephone is also adorable! what fun!

  2. Such fun stuff! I'm jealous. LOL. I especially love the radio. Where is Cottonwood? I'd love to visit your booth.

  3. Can you still find the pitchfork? lol


    metal tacs, oval frame, coffee pot, radio ? SCORE!

  4. You LUCKY DUCK YOU! Oh, what awesome finds! We had a pair of those double-tiered lamps when I was growing up. When I married and moved way far away, I grabbed them from the basement. Then I passed them on to another friend who also moved South a few years later. Our base was a deep taupe color. How I'd love to find those old lamps now...we made such fun of them at the time. And those numbered tacks are for storm windows or screens. Usually came with each number having a pair. That way you got the correct screen or storm window back to its rightful window.

    No wonder you were so excited about this auction, Jill! Xo, Sue

    Your crown fruit jars....sigh. Those always have too large of a price tag on them whenever I find them at local antique stores. Those were an awesome snag. All of it was, actually... ADORABLE table and chairs. I can't believe you didn't keep them for just a little while. You could have hid them behind the wood pile, who would ever know?!

  5. YES! I will be there shortly!!! AND! Will drag the lamp - all deco pieces AND the dinette home with me.

    Or - just move in to your basement. Either/Or.

    ;-D LOVE!!!!! IT!!!! ALL!!!!!

  6. I have a drop leaf yellow table in my basement that used to be my Grandparents...the chairs are gone but I hold on to it for some reason. The radio is wonderful..what a fun piece! You scored well!!!!

  7. EEEEE ~ what wonderful finds. LOVE that little toy phone and the red pitcher and the table and chairs is the same style I have in my own kitchen ~ buttons, buttons ;-)

  8. "oh, hello, jill, yes, i would love to come over for coffee. heck, let's meet at your booth and talk about vintage for hours. it'll be great.

    ok, cool. sounds like a plan.
    great to talk to you.
    you inspire me, kindred,

  9. Super wonderful finds!!! I love that yellow dining set!!! And the red plastic deco it! I have a green one just like it!!!

  10. Wow, you got some amazing stuff Jill! Love just about everything! Great scores!

  11. I'd like to go junkin' with you! These items make me dream of the auctions and garage sales to come. You have great taste.

  12. I would love to come over for coffee and drool over all your finds. Great colors too.

  13. Holy Moley! What amazing finds!! Such a good eye you have!

  14. Hello...yes...I'll be right over :)

    Oh My you are one great treasure huntress many treasures here...great rescues!

  15. Oh Jill! You are truly a girl after my own heart! Is that red pitcher made of plastic!! I'll bet it didn't come from China!! Please don't sell that aluminum coffee pot. The yellow chrome kitchen set is almost like my mother's, bought in the 1950's. You sure know how to pick!! My dad had a friend who reupholstered furniture in his home workshop. I loved to go there to pick out the scraps from the wastebin. I'd make blanket-stitched change purses and comb cases, and sell them at school. Some of the sample book pages made floor covers for my orange crate dollhouse! What a memory jog this post is!

  16. LOVE that white radio!!!
    And the number tacks, how cool!!

    barbara jean

  17. Lots of treasures! I would have loved to discover the old film cannisters and negatives.

  18. You hit the jackpot! I love all your treasures! The kodak canister and white radio are my favorites....I am jealous you found all that great vintage jewelery! I hunt high and low for stuff like that! Good job!

  19. what great finds! especially the print blocks and the jars, plus the table and radio and lamp...well, actually it is all quite lovely.
    p.s. i finally got around to taking your advice about adding an email address to my profile, took me a while to figure it out, but i finally did it, thank you so much for the suggestion : )


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