Clay Pots. Jazzed. Just a Bit.

A little spring vignette with clay pots...

Fabric flowers, washers, burlap, and wire  all mix quite well with clay pots, and.....

....aluminum.  Ruffly edged aluminum.  Ruth, are you reading?  Sweet, huh?

I guess you could call this burlap grass. :)

I filled one pot with split peas, one with black beans, and one with wild rice to be the base to hold tea candles.
Too bad I didn't light them for the photo. :(

Now, I'm trying something new, an embedded slide show to show you how to decorate your own clay pots!

I'm off tomorrow to the Mother of All Garage Sales event in Lincoln and maybe to an auction on Sunday.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh look at you miss-high-tech-imbedded! I'm impressed! What a great idea...! Hope you find some good treasures during your outings.

  2. Jill these are awesome! And WOW! Your pictures of them are beautiful!

    Have a great time at the yard sale, I hope you find the motherlode!

  3. well embedding now are we? YOWZA! too cool, teach me how, pretty please,or better yet embed it!

    Pretty pots of clay
    make our day....

    uh oh, time to stop blogging, losing it....


  4. So imaginative .... Better than anthroplogie could do!

  5. Those are great! So pretty!
    Good luck at the sale. And most of all, have fun.

  6. Jill, these are just wonderful. I love all the extra touches you have put on them. Hope you have the mother load to unload when you get home tonight!

  7. I like how you stamped them and added the flower - nice!

  8. oh how wonderful!
    thank you for sharing

    your ruffled aluminum tray caught my eye immediately...I have a "thing" for aluminum ware ...if that is what it's called



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