Mosaic Monday

We went up to the farm this weekend and cut more of the trunk for the centerpieces for the wedding.  We (and by "we", I pretty much mean Randy!) are half done. We were optimistic thinking the saw and chain would hold out to finish the job, but the saw needed to cool off and the chain needs to be sharpened again so the job didn't get done yet.  He thinks he can get to it later this week.

Slabs of wood are so cool!

While he was cutting, I found a couple of planters for my tank garden.  I think you would definitely call them "junk" planters!

I'm linking up again with Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

I hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I love the patterns in wood. All those circles. And the bark, knobbly and rough. What a great mosaic.

  2. I'm curious what the center pieces will look like when you're done! Wood is such a beautiful medium. :)

  3. Brilliant use of the old tanks...what a fab rescue mission
    Also admire your vision for that grand ole tree...I adore a nice tree stump!

    btw I think we have the same stone making kit...your "Ponder" is of the favs I made was also a "P" word "Pause" ;)

  4. oh and aren't we lucky to have nice MEN to do the heavy lifting and sawing...chain saws scare me!

  5. Your hubby is a gem Jill, but I am sure you already know that! I imagine you are so busy getting this all done. I absolutely loved the tutorial on the bows for the pews. Thank you so much for it. Even if I probably won't have to do any more weddings for my daughters, I certainly will be having a few tea parties in the garden.
    sending hugs

  6. I love the color and texture of your mosaic!!!

  7. Love your mosaic! the grain of the wood is so beautiful! Lovely links too! Mx


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