Pew Bows and a Bow Tutorial...

We made these pew bows awhile ago and have a few boxes of them ready to head to the church.  I think they'll be a nice touch and besides a couple of flower arrangements will be all we do for the church decorating.  The church is big and beautiful as is!

I'll show you how we made them fairly quickly.  Now, I doubt many of you need to make pew bows, but scaled back in size, this is an easy way to make bows for wreaths or presents.

We pushed/hammered in wig pins into two yardsticks.  Why two yardsticks?  Because I didn't want it to poke into the table.  A board underneath would have worked but I had another yardstick handy, not a board. :)  The first pin went in at the 1" mark.

Then another pin at 17" so our loops would be 16" and our bows approximately 14" in diameter when tied and fluffed.  Hold the tulle at the first pin and begin to loop around....

 and around....we made 16 loops.  The directions on the tulle spooled called for something silly like 3 loops, really?!  That would be one floppy buy far more tulle than recommended!  (Our first 3 spools came from a garage sale!)  **So about 14.5 yards of tulle to make one bow**

Then take about a 15" piece of tulle and tie tightly around the middle of your loops.

Now, gently lift the tulle loops off of the will pins.

 And, there is your bow, ready to fluff and shape.  We packed ours like this and will need to fluff at the church.  We cut three pieces measured to fit the pews to hang as tails from the bows.

 So, soft and elegant looking.

Shadow enthusiast that I am, I wanted to share this lovely one with you from the stand I had the bow tied to.  This stand is a vintage store display piece that I bought from a store in town when it closed.  It's really neat and usually holds a fur collar in a vintage vignette in our bedroom.

I may get to go to an auction for a bit tonight...a Friday night auction...I've never done that!  It will be my husband's and my date night with our little girls in tow, don't know if that will spur or hinder buying!


  1. You are a good Mom--teaching the girls at a young age the art of buying at auction! I am enjoying all the wedding preparations! Good Luck tonight.

  2. Saving these instructions for the maybe/someday possibility that I may need them. :D


  3. Pretty, pretty bows. I love tulle.

  4. I don't need one, but now I want to make one. Actually, typing this an idea came to me. I have a yellow ribbon around the big tree out front for my son serving in Afghanistan. He comes home [after a very long year] in 4 weeks. I am going to make a red, white and blue ribbon to replace it. I can't remember the name of the material but it would work outside. And, I will try using this method. So glad I stopped by! Thanks.

  5. love it! will keep this in my memory bank! great for bow on a present in matching a color!

  6. You make it look easy Jill
    thank you for taking us step by step

    I too am drawn to shadows!
    Lovely post

    your date night sounds super!

    Happy April

  7. Love your technique. i get asked now and then if I would do a bow class. i just tell them it takes practice practice practice....or a good bow maker:)
    have a good weekend,

  8. Jill, the wedding will be lovely, tulle is so ethereal and romantic...I love your shadows, they've always intrigued me, too! What a fun date night, be sure to show us what you got!

  9. Your photos and bows and girls are all beautiful. As are You! I feel so peaceful when I visit your beautiful blog.

  10. Love the tutorial! I love tulle, too. All mine are now married.....but I'm sure I can make these for something!

  11. How many yards of tulle did you need for one bow?

  12. Can I ask the width of the tulle you used for this?

    1. The spools of tulle were probably 8" wide.

  13. I've made them but want to know did you make your tails to tie around the pews and let the reminder hang or just tie with no extra hanging with the other tails

  14. If I wanted to make 28 bows how much organza should I purchase?


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