Wedding Project: Tree Collage

Lauren saw somewhere, where a couple had huge life sized pictures of their parents' and grandparents' wedding photographs blown up an placed on clear plexiglass as a backdrop for the head table at their wedding....cannot even imagine (I didn't see the picture) here's our version of bringing the past history of long standing wedded bliss to the reception.

In keeping with the wood/natural and book page theme thing we have going on....our tree collage. The big tree trunk  had branches, so we used them too!
The light was so low when I shot these pictures the other day, and I really didn't want to get out a tripod so the quality shows. 

The groom's parents are top right here.  I LOVE this picture!  They got married in Switzerland off on their own and this photo was taken later in a studio.
Groom's grandparents top left and bottom right, again NEAT wedding photos!
Jim and I are in the top middle.

My parents are top right here. I used to love trying on her dress when I was little.  My Dad died in 1997.

Jim's parents (bride's grandparents) are bottom left.  They had a very small wedding, just attendants. There was bad weather and their parents didn't even make it.  
Randy's parents (bride's grandparents) are in the center back.  Beautiful 1950s dress and coloring!

Randy and I just seven years ago.  Oh, how we've aged in that time!

Corny, I know, but I couldn't resist and Lauren agreed with it!  Get it? tree...?!

Please tell me it's sweet and not just corny?!

OK, it's corny.

But, I like it anyway.

May you all have a blessed Holy Week and feel the hope of the Risen Lord on Easter morning!


  1. Dear Lord you are beautiful, Jill.

    BEAUTIFUL Family Tree of Weddings!

    a little corny, but a LOT sweet!

  2. LOL! If it's corny then I say... I like it too!!! Jill - that is FANTASTIC!!! I love it!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. It's corny, it's sweet and I love the collage idea. I won't tell my daughter about this or she'll wish she'd have done something similar.

    What a wonderful heritage.

  4. Not corny to me, Love all the wedding photos! It's a sweet idea, xo Debra

  5. I don't see corny at all, I see endearing..
    so very special.


  6. It's not corny. Very sentimental and sweet, perfect for a wedding.

  7. Oh Jill, how perfectly corny....

  8. What a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!!
    But then, you've cornerd the market on great ideas. Wonderful photos!

    I like corny!!!!

  9. it is a little corny - but in the sweetest way! will be perfect with the rest of the wedding theme - can't wait to see this grand event!

  10. Love it! I have seen it somewhere too! Looking forward to more great ideas!

  11. I absolutely LOVE it! What a great display. When I saw the "sitting in the tree" sign I said:"Oh!"
    Hope your shower goes well.

  12. Jill! This is so off-the-charts creative! It will tie in so beautifully with your centerpieces as well as other pieces you've all been putting together. The sentimental and thoughtfulness of this piece is just priceless. Loud clapping from my corner! And a blessed Easter to you and yours! Xo, Sue

  13. I LOVE it!! This is one of the most creative family trees I've seen. I have seen old family wedding photos displayed at weddings before but never with as much creativity as this. What a wonderful display!! This wedding is going to be so lovely.

  14. I love it! I absolutely love the idea and the way you've displayed all of the couples so beautifully. Love is supposed to be a little corny, no? xox

  15. Where else can you be so sentimental but at a wedding. Your daughter is one lucky girl to have a mother with great ideas! This tablescape has just the right amount of corny and sweet!

  16. I LOVE this! I'm planning on stealing your idea for my son's wedding in 2 weeks. How did you attach the branches to one another? Did you use glue or screws or tie them together?


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