Tuesday With the Kims AND A Small Giveaway...

It's Tuesday....Tea time with Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons and Texture Tuesday with Kim at the Cafe.  Of course I'm drinking coffee instead, but Kimmie doesn't care a tad.  She even microwaves her cold tea just like I do my cold coffee...that stuff is way to pricey to waste! Kim Klassen challenged us this time for texture Tuesday to use two of her textures, 'sweet treat' and 'silence' this week.

My morning cup. Note the light reflecting? and the shadows?  I used a 70s action from Pioneer Woman and Kim's 'sweet treat' texture with the borders pulled out of the photo. (I suppose you noted the coffee rings too, well, that's how it is!)

Here's a close up of that light...one of the can lights in our kitchen reflected perfectly in my coffee!  Can you tell I have trouble focusing on housework some days?!   I can dwell and lolligag looking at shadows and reflections all day.   (photo processed the same way)

Now, the challenge was to use both 'sweet treat' and 'silence' and I did in this photo of my tea time clay tags!

This leads to the giveaway.

I will send the winner six (maybe more?) of my clay tags.  The winner will choose which ones she wants, I have tea pots, bloom tags as posted about here, some initials, some plain, and some with script stamped in them.  Just leave a comment, and I'll draw next Monday to post the winner next Tuesday!

I hope you can steal some time to visit some of the links at Texture Tuesday and Tea on Tuesday!


  1. Hello police?
    yes, i need to report some cool clay tags that are not mine.

    i like those tags, girlfriend.

  2. what? you couldn't center the light in the coffee cup? lol
    very cool shot..now get back to housework!


  3. Very artistic images. And great giveaway.

  4. I love those coffee rings .... You couldn't get such good ones if you tried :) ... And yes, I definitely hope I win a tag!

    Happy tea day! Kimmie

  5. A perfect giveaway for a procrastinator like me. Even after you were kind enought to tell me how to make my own! Yea, it's on my list to do but I need to win some of yours for inspiration!

    Love your photos! You've gotten me in the mood for some tea!


  6. I love your brown mug photo-- GREAT textures! Suitable for framing. :)
    You BETTER count me in on your drawing!
    I would love anything made by you!
    (Just count me in on any future drawings too).

  7. I'm a lolligager too :) it's a good passtime, you get to see a lot of things the hurriers miss :)
    Happy tea time to you.

  8. Artistic coffee cup photos especially with the rings. Cute tags too.


  9. MMMM! Coffee, it looks as good as it tastes!

  10. it really is all about the little things...isn't it...Love your attention to detail and Light and shadows and creativity Jill!

    thanks so very much for the chance to be a lucky winner of your sweet sweet tags!

    Happy T and Texture Tuesday to you!

  11. Very fun shots. I reheat my cold tea, too. Why make a pot to throw most of it out?

    Love the tags...

  12. Like you, I can lolligag and get distracted by shiny or reflective bits and bobs. Love the tea time tea pots. I love them. They are beauti-us!

  13. Hi Jill, WOW ! Love your photos and those cute little clay tags. I am such a novice when it comes to photography but i love it, the' technical' stuff intimidates me, must learn more.

  14. Great pic of the light reflected in your coffee mug and the rings are fab... you know there are stamps of coffee mug rings? Yes... and they cost heaps of dollars!! You have achieved this for free... you just need to transfer them to something else!! LOL Your clay tea time tags are brilliant, thank you for the chance to win some!!

  15. I love PW!! I used her actions on my photo today as well. I used Heartland and Quick edge burn.
    Microwaved coffee or tea...no shame in that. I even drink it cold. Can't waste good stuff.

  16. I collect the brown drip, most people think it's ugly but on a fall table it's so FALL! I also want to mention that I am a tea drinker and those tags would look wonderful next to MY brown drip mug. Love your site. Diane :)

  17. Hi Jill I'm trying a new profile. I do love this post too!

  18. Coffee without rings? Is there such a thing?

  19. This made me giggle, Jill. I know some would consider the chasing of light, reflections, and shadows as a troublesome character trait. Not me. I get it! Awesome captures and processing on your pics. And thanks for the chance to win your darling tags! Xo, Sue


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