A Bit of Progress

I posted about this shelf back here in January 2012. It had some issues.
It has been sitting in our garage since then. 

Then, this summer, my son surprised me by putting on a new back and new bottom on for me!!!
You could say I was happy. :)

Now, I finally got it primed and painted.  And, I know all the distressed/chippy paint loving people will think, "What, white, shiny paint????"  But, I'm telling you, I'm thrilled with this!  I chose white glossy paint for two reasons:   1. I had it left over from house trim (so, no $$$) 2. I still plan on storing fabric scraps in it and the white glossy paint will let the colors of the fabric in the bins be themselves.

Here was the bonus to the white glossy paint: The whole while I was painting it, it reminded me of small town county fairs and the shelves made of very basic, cheap, rough wood, painted white.  Every couple of years a new coat of paint is put on and it builds up, there are usually some runs in the paint, (here too!) but the look is clean and fresh.  
So, now to get them down to the basement....In the garage for 1 year and 10 months is actually not bad around here.  These have sat now in the foyer for a week....

Oh, yeah...GUESS WHAT????? This cupboard DOES fit in the basement bedroom.  Ahem....I'm not the one who measured the first time. :) But, it is the type of mistake I make all of the time!

Mosaic Monday

Friday, the girls didn't have school so we headed to the farm to ride along harvesting.  We had a really nice afternoon and on the way home we stopped at the country cemetery where my Father in Law is buried.

There are some beautiful old stones there and I hope to get back with more time to take pictures of them.  This memorial is just gorgeous.  Sadly, Jesus' right arm did not take the elements over the years as well as the rest of the memorial.

I took close up shots of the statues.  The wear of Nebraska weather has made them all the more stunning to me. 

I am reminded of  this painting of the Italian painter, Giambattista Tiepolo.  We saw this when we visited The Saint Louis Art Museum two years ago.  This painting really stayed with me. His take on the scene is very different than what I'm used to.

I feel like I'm off, sharing a crucifix picture the week of All Saint's Day and then we will be looking toward Christmas.  

But, life is always, about the Cross. And, I guess especially when we pray for the souls who have gone before us and celebrate the Saints!

Saturday Digest

►This is so cute!  I love stop motion videos!  

This post doesn't give you a lot of details about this charming place, this life of art, but I think you'll enjoy it.  I like what Serena says, "What if we treated and lived our lives as if our days were our life's work?"  I've been thinking that for a long time, but have never stated it that eloquently. 
Now, is the plan that God has for us.

►Another quote on the same order I came across this week:
"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Annie Dillard

►Do you use Pinterest?  Ever get the email that tells you who repinned pins of yours....and you think,'hmm?  what pin is that?' You go look and have no recollection of actually pinning it, but there it is, on one of your boards.  Once again, 'hmm?'

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Texture Tuesday: Coleus

In the past few years, coleus have become one of my favorite plants.  I don't have a favorite variety and I don't know the names of any of the varieties, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying their constant color.  My gardens have been very neglected as of late, but there were a few stems holding on....and Sunday, when I needed fall centerpieces for our tables for the birthdays' celebration... white milk glass, some vintage, some not...paired with what was left of my coleus, worked perfectly.  

The red in the coleus was so "fallish".

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  Both images were layered with one of her textures, "journal".

I've also read that coleus is really easy to propagate by rooting a cutting in water.  So, I think I'll watch these to see if they root.  Maybe I'll get new plants for next spring?!  If I can keep them alive through the winter in the house, that is.  

I'm still leaning more about low light photography.

Self Portrait

Last week just got a bit too full to get a blog post up.  It was all good things though, thank goodness!
We celebrated my mother in law's birthday Saturday, and my husband and youngest daughter share a birthday so there was cake and celebrating yesterday!  Gosh, it's fun to see them excited for a birthday.

We also tried taking a family picture while we were all together... thinking about Christmas cards.

I do love having a remote control for my camera!  

I hope you are off to a great start to your week!

If you are interested, the above photo was edited using the "cutout" filter in photoshop.  Fun stuff.

Saturday Digest

►I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago.  Possibly the best chocolate cookie recipe I've ever tried!  I left out the peanuts though due to kid preference here.

►Another neat online magazine: 91 Magazine.  The best vintage is toward the end.

This class by Mary Ann Moss is on sale for $38 for another few days.  So tempting!

►I made this pumpkin from a wire coat hanger.  I like how the wire part that twisted around the hook works perfect for the little vine tendril! After I formed it, I wrapped scraps of different orange fabrics and yarn around it secured with a little hot glue. I had to bring it outside to take a picture to find some light.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday Find: Iris Seed Pods

While doing a bit of fall cleaning in the garden I discovered that one of my Iris plants had incredible seed pods!  It's some kind of Siberian Iris that you can see in the first photo in this post.

And, while doing a bit of fall cleaning in the basement, I found this awesome old aluminum thermos.  Now, turned vase with a clay tag I made awhile back tied around it.

Back to the seed pods...cool, aren't they?  You can read about my fondness for seedpods here, here, and here.  I know I'm not alone in thinking they are so neat!  And, what perfect and free decor!

And, what pretty silhouettes.

Kim Klassen dot Com

Linking with Fall Junkers United at Chipping With Charm

Rock Painting 101

About a month ago, I had my 4-H club kids paint rocks to put in their Wandering Jew plants I had them pot up.

I've been wanting to paint rocks myself ever since then!  So the other day, I did.

I don't like Halloween decorations and these are about all we will have.  After I painted the "boo", I painted an old frame I had and found the book page laying on my sewing room table.  I liked them all together.  Sorry Alfred Lord Tennyson if this is insulting to you!

One of the rocks looked like a mummy I thought.

And then there were my ghost rocks.  

But, when my daughter came home she asked who painted the singing rocks? So they are a choir of ghosts I guess!

Pretty simple decor.  I also collaged some book pages onto a block and added a leaf.

I really like this and  I'd like to make more.

  I think my "scary rocks" may find new homes.  Or new paint? ha!  I just don't like scary even mild scary.  I went with it because it was a simple fast thing to paint.

How about you?  Do you put scary in your home?

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