Saturday Digest

►I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago.  Possibly the best chocolate cookie recipe I've ever tried!  I left out the peanuts though due to kid preference here.

►Another neat online magazine: 91 Magazine.  The best vintage is toward the end.

This class by Mary Ann Moss is on sale for $38 for another few days.  So tempting!

►I made this pumpkin from a wire coat hanger.  I like how the wire part that twisted around the hook works perfect for the little vine tendril! After I formed it, I wrapped scraps of different orange fabrics and yarn around it secured with a little hot glue. I had to bring it outside to take a picture to find some light.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thank you, Jill! I must make those cookies! And...thanks to you.... I just registered for SEWN! I had been putting it off! ha

  2. Those cookies look scrumptious. Can't go wrong with chocolate! Cute pumpkin.


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