Texture Tuesday: Coleus

In the past few years, coleus have become one of my favorite plants.  I don't have a favorite variety and I don't know the names of any of the varieties, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying their constant color.  My gardens have been very neglected as of late, but there were a few stems holding on....and Sunday, when I needed fall centerpieces for our tables for the birthdays' celebration... white milk glass, some vintage, some not...paired with what was left of my coleus, worked perfectly.  

The red in the coleus was so "fallish".

I'm linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  Both images were layered with one of her textures, "journal".

I've also read that coleus is really easy to propagate by rooting a cutting in water.  So, I think I'll watch these to see if they root.  Maybe I'll get new plants for next spring?!  If I can keep them alive through the winter in the house, that is.  

I'm still leaning more about low light photography.


  1. Lovely plants they are indeed...
    this is the first year in awhile that I did not have any...next year for certain!
    They look especially nice in your photo vignette!

  2. Great photos! I DO love coleus........ I should go take a picture of mine..... you inspired me!!

  3. i had some in my garden at one time

    much love...

  4. Beautiful images. So warm and yes, 'fallish'. Coleus are lovely plants.

  5. the contrast of the red/green with the milkglass is stunning - the perfect centerpiece

  6. My Pap Pap Rennie collected coleus varieties and I used to grow them but they get so leggy in the heat here and I gave up. They ALWAYS make me think of him, just as petunias make me think of Grandma Rennie and marigolds my Mom..wonder what flower will remind my kids of me?

  7. Beautiful rich photos. Coleus grew wild when we lived in Ecuador - so many varieties - of which I know no names. But I love the colored leaves.

  8. Absolutely fantastic compositions. Wonderful.

  9. Love the colors - so pretty in your milk glass vases
    I may have to pick some tomorrow too


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