Rock Painting 101

About a month ago, I had my 4-H club kids paint rocks to put in their Wandering Jew plants I had them pot up.

I've been wanting to paint rocks myself ever since then!  So the other day, I did.

I don't like Halloween decorations and these are about all we will have.  After I painted the "boo", I painted an old frame I had and found the book page laying on my sewing room table.  I liked them all together.  Sorry Alfred Lord Tennyson if this is insulting to you!

One of the rocks looked like a mummy I thought.

And then there were my ghost rocks.  

But, when my daughter came home she asked who painted the singing rocks? So they are a choir of ghosts I guess!

Pretty simple decor.  I also collaged some book pages onto a block and added a leaf.

I really like this and  I'd like to make more.

  I think my "scary rocks" may find new homes.  Or new paint? ha!  I just don't like scary even mild scary.  I went with it because it was a simple fast thing to paint.

How about you?  Do you put scary in your home?


  1. no scary- just gourds and pumpkins BOO!

  2. no, don't do scary either...though your singing choir is quite cute! loving the pages on the block of wood with the leaf...yes, make more...

  3. No scary. No Halloween at all, except maybe a jack o lantern with a smiling face. I love your autumn themed projects, and the choir of singing ghosts is pretty cute.


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