"Hello" From My Daughter

One of the recent issues from Mollie Makes had this adorable ensemble of embroidery hoops to welcome guests into your home.

My second daughter jumped on this and raided my supplies.

Here is her version.  Sadly I didn't have a perfect white brick wall to photograph her hoops on so I made due with our ottoman.  

Each one is done a little differently.

She used a combination of textures, colors, and techniques.

This one is my favorite.  I did gasp when I realized she used a piece of one of my vintage feed sacks.
I know I have them to be used.  At least I keep telling myself that.  Mostly, I like to look at them. :)

Each hoop was also adorned.

She realized that the "O" should have been made darker, but she was done.  Sometimes that's how it goes.  "Good enough for who it's for" we say. :)

She has hung these in the home she rents with four other girls.  I think they are really cute!

This is definitely a perfect scrap project!

What about a set for Christmas?!..."JOY" most definitely would be perfect. 


  1. Great idea and a very crafty girl! I am sure nobody else will think the "O" should be darker.

  2. She did a great job! And how nice she enjoys stitching!!! You are blessed!!!

  3. Very cute! If she is worried about the o...she could weave some darker thread through it....

  4. how lovely these turned out...
    the apple doesn't fall far from the (talent) tree ♥
    now that the feed sack is cut YOU can use it too ;)


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