Hedge Apples: My Friday Find

My sister gave me a few Hedge Apples a couple of years ago and I just stuck them in a basket of gourds and thought they were pretty neat.

This year I saw them for sale at the grocery store with a sign touting their ability to ward off spiders.  

So, I bought some.  And googled.  Well, maybe they do, and maybe they don't keep away spiders. We are experimenting with some placed around our home on foil in case they deteriorate before I get back to them.

They come from the Osage-orange tree which is interesting that they are commonly called hedge apples and not just Osage oranges.

Somewhere though and I don't remember where it was mentioned that they could be cut and dried. Then I found where you can buy them dried here.

Well, that had me curious.  

So, wearing gloves, (because I read that the milk inside could cause dermatitis) I cut one up.  

I cut thin slices and dried them in a low oven for hours and hours.

I had enough slices for a small wreath when I glued them to an embroidery hoop.

I added a "fiber bundle" bow and I have a new fall wreath!

Now you know what's on the inside of a Hedge Apple!  

Just in case you were wondering.

If it is really necessary to worry about the milk on the inside causing dermatitis then my opinion is that you could get just as pretty of a wreath drying oranges and lemons and not worry about gloves. Unless of course you have an Osage Orange tree and access to free ones! 

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  1. Very interesting - I've never seen one before. Love it's texture. Great find.

  2. How cool and clever these could be used for drying and making into a wreath!

  3. I've never seen one of these - and I need them because I hate spiders. Or for decoration like your lovely wreath.

  4. I have a big bouquet of dried flowers that my mother made for me with these. Love your wreath!

  5. So interesting and such a beautiful project.

  6. I've never seen these before, but how interesting they look, both inside and out. Your wreath is charming.

  7. I love this idea! Makes such a pretty wreath.
    We have a few of these trees out in the pastures. We call them horse apples. Even though the horses do not eat them!


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