Saturday Digest

►I'm left with only a few flowers left to cut from my garden.   I really like this mid century coffee carafe as a vase.

►Look at the little coffee cups turned and dripping that are used to mark the levels on the caraffe!  Makes me smile.

►Do you know what a cairn is?  Well I had to google it after reading this post on "Lynn Says Hello from France".  Do you know that word?  Now, I want to make my own cairn just because I like rocks a lot and now I know there is a great word to call the stack I'll make!

►It's definitely not too early to be thinking about Advent Calendars.  And, they aren't just for kids in my opinion.  There are so many ways to make one!  Here are links to one I made, and another one.  I have plans to make yet another.  They certainly don't need to hold a treat and will work beautifully as Christmas decor even if you don't actually do the "count down". Just put it out all assembled and it represents the Advent season, the time you are waiting for the Baby Jesus!


  1. I love the details on that old carafe as well! And your flowers are pretty, what a shame we have to wait months and months before we have them again.

    I thought a cairn was a sort of dog! Interesting!


  2. We have seen a lot of cairns this year as we have hiked. Fun to make and fun to add to.

  3. I have followed several stories about folks making these stacked stones but had no idea what they were called.
    Are we linked telepathically? I just picked up 24 cute string tied envelopes in colors totally not me, black and aqua, but I liked them so much I figured I could make an I bought some number stickers too! I've also been doing burlap wreaths and more art too? lol

  4. Well, I looked up most of those links! Thank you!!! And I do love your vintage coffee carafe! Looks like the 50's!? Maybe 60's?


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