Texture Tuesday

I'm doing the "catch up" thing here...trying to care of a few things that have been piling up.  Sadly, that hasn't included the mess in our basement yet!

The above image was textured with Kim Klassen's "villa".  And, I'm linking with her Tuesday post here.

Happy day to you all! 


  1. It seems like you will need the coffee in your cup to tackle the basement! I love the carafe in your post below this one as well. So cute

  2. Definitely a day for more than one cup! I can sympathize with you needing to "head to the basement" - been there Saturday and made a lot of headway. A few more days down there and it will be much better. Love your photo!

  3. I love your photo! I just tackled my basement yesterday!

  4. Beautiful..... I love Kim's textures..... I need a refresher...


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