Shadow Sunday

This is the shadow cast from the spools I posted about earlier in the week. We were backing out of the garage and I noticed how awsome the shadow was!

Don't forget to check out the contest I posted about Fri.! So far there are only 3 entries!

Also, you can find more shadows over at Hey, Harriet!

Spools Aplenty

I found a big box of these old wood spools at a garage sale last weekend. Yes, it was an indoor sale! They've been out on our porch "freshening up" for the past 5 days. I can't believe we haven't had wind to blow them over!

One of them was made into a kaleidascope, so now I have visions of doing the same with some of them with great collage work and embellishing on them. Of course, will need to file that with "Some Day".
Two aren't actually spools at all, but tubes to hold Edison round phonograph rolls, and one actually has the roll in it!
For now, more fresh air.

Through My Window

This morning this is what we saw through our window. We frequently see deer here, but I was finally able to get my camera before they ran. If you look REALLY CLOSE you can see a second one in the back. There were 3 of them this morning.

This is my old ratty sweatshirt in the window my dear friend Shelli gave me 20+ years ago. My two oldest girls have laid claim to it when I die.

New Necklace Contest

Wow, Rachel is giving away a very sweet necklace this week. All you have to do is come up with a fun, catchy phrase to go on the back or a word for the front. Be sure to check it out--you may win! Except the word is compitition will be stiff this week from Jenny!
Go here to play--do it--go now--

Shadow Sunday

Getting our mail from the end of the lane--in shadows.

When it's nice, my little gals and I will walk out for the mail. It's always an adventure. I wish I could have posted all the pictures. There was more mail on the ground!

I've Been Tagged

OK this is new to me--I've been tagged by Leah over at Moxie Photo & Design.
I'm to reveal six quirky, but boring details about myself.
Ha-seriously-the boring would be easy-but quirky?! hhhmmm...hhhhmmmm.....

~~One time my husband and I dressed up (kind of) to go out to a Christmas Party, but as we were backing out of the garage I told him the only reason I wanted to go was because I was famished and I knew the food would be good. We were absolutely exhausted from many nights up with sick kids. He admitted he didn't want to go either because of fatigue. So we headed back in and changed immediately into our "lounge clothes" . We felt so pathetic. Here's the quirky part: I had one of our girls take a picture of us in our pathetic PJs with our pathetic faces on and of our pathetic feet. (we both have ugly feet)
~~I have ugly feet: one toe is blue from varicose veins.
~~A while back I spent over two hours washing out old bottles from a garage sale while the kitchen was overflowing with dishes and the laudry room was over flowing with laundry. AND I didn't care one bit that I'd wasted the time.
~~I have trouble remembering names-five minutes after meeting someone I'll forget their name but I had a patient in Dell Rapids SD 17 years ago that I barely got to know, but will never forget her name-Selma Zelmer-still love to say it! I'm laughing even now...
~~On my husband's and my first date I asked him if he minded leaving a movie I had chosen--(it was awful!)
~~I really like junk- or should I say junque?

Now I have tagged:

jenny at theredbulletinboard
mary at theginghamgirl
margo at robojunker

Here are the rules:
* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag three others
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.


A few years back (seven maybe?) my brother made this rabbit hutch for my kids. We were going to have pet rabbits, and did for awhile...

I wasn't really thrilled with the bunnies much, but I loved the hutch! It was made from old wood, wheels, scrap from my Dad's junk pile.
Recycle, Reporpose, Reuse--I know a mantra maybe being overused, but oh how sweet is this?!

Yes, this scrap pile turned hutch is being neglected again, but it will have new life- sometime-hopefully this spring in my garden. And, if my little gals are like the older kids, it will probably hold bunnies again someday.

Shadow Sunday

Visit Hey Harriet for more Shadow Sunday images!

More Leaf Skeletons!

It's wet outside! This one is hanging on for dear life, but soon...

I'm obsessed with these.

Play The Game!

Yeah! Now that I have figured out how to add links to my posts, I can tell you all about a fun contest that Rachel from Two Dog Pond has going on. Check it out here. Be sure to look at the past contests and winners. There's some serious wit/charm out there in blog land. Do enter and win a necklace! I'm still thinking about an entry, sick kids this week has slowed my brain!

AND thanks so much to Leah for helping me learn how to link, how to list on Etsy, how to...the list goes on. More about her on a later post.

Impulsive Buy

Sometimes you go to an auction and make spur of the moment decisions.--Sometimes you regret them--you try not to. Regret ruins the whole auction experience. (I call it auction remorse-and choose to not allow it) BUT Sometimes you make a spur of the moment decision--an impulsive buy--and it's pure excitement--No auction remorse here!

Even when you have to call your husband to bring the other vehicle because "It's not all going to fit in the pick up." And he makes it even sweeter when he gets there and says "I loved playing pinball when I was a kid!"

No remorse here--especially when you get to tell your son you've brought him a project. Something he can take apart (but must promise to put back together-restored)

He even went out to the barn to take pictures of it to post about it on our family blog. You can see this gem here tucked (crammed?) between my drill press and our pick up.

It does work--just needs some tweaking, and oil, and rewiring, and keys. Keys would definitely be good! My son put me in charge of finding the keys or a locksmith.
The day was fun--met a couple who drove all the way from Denver just to come to this auction. No family connection at all--just found it on a web site. Really enjoyed visiting with them. And their only remorse was for not having a trailer with them to fill also-their car was packed!

You Say Asian Beetle...I Say LadyBug

Maybe this change to cold weather will zap these guys too. They're kind of neat...kind of...but sometimes they bite and I'm vacuuming them up constantly--

When I vacuum that is.

Happy Blustery Day Everyone!


This day has weighed on me; pro-life issues are close to my heart. BUT, instead of despair-

I will praise God who is ultimately still in control.

One of my favorite scriptures:
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky proclaims its builder's craft.

One day to the next conveys that message;
one night to the next imparts that knowledge.

There is no word or sound; no voice is heard;
Yet their report goes forth through all the earth,
their message, to the ends of the world." Psalm 19:2-5

Vintage Wildcat!

I'm getting together this weekend with some old WSC friends--not this old--but thought it would be a good time to post these fabulous vintage cut-outs I found at an auction. This one says "C. Wehrer QB"

Do you suppose it was his mother or his girlfriend who adorned her mantle with these?

He must have been quite an athlete--this "Whity Wehrer" from Wayne--can you make out his jersey? It says Wayne 24--I guess these could be from high school, but he looks older than that.

Whity Wehrer 1936
Goodness, I love these. When I put them away for awhile, my little gal asked me "Where did the guys go?"
Now, do I list them on Etsy or do I find a home for them here---?

Trick or Treating

A skunk, Lady Liberty, and a flying unicorn
My "Lil Stinker"

Hey! You Lil' Stinker, you're not supposed to eat any candy until we get home!

My friend "Paula-hontas" stopped over before she went to hand out candy. She made that costume just yesterday looking at a picture--isn't she adorable?!

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