Spools Aplenty

I found a big box of these old wood spools at a garage sale last weekend. Yes, it was an indoor sale! They've been out on our porch "freshening up" for the past 5 days. I can't believe we haven't had wind to blow them over!

One of them was made into a kaleidascope, so now I have visions of doing the same with some of them with great collage work and embellishing on them. Of course, will need to file that with "Some Day".
Two aren't actually spools at all, but tubes to hold Edison round phonograph rolls, and one actually has the roll in it!
For now, more fresh air.


  1. fantasic photos! how FUN! nice find. and i love indoor sales. except when the owner follows you around. thats kinda awkward.

  2. What a great find. So many possibilities. Love the photos, too.

  3. Great find.
    I also love the shadow shot above.


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