Vintage Wildcat!

I'm getting together this weekend with some old WSC friends--not this old--but thought it would be a good time to post these fabulous vintage cut-outs I found at an auction. This one says "C. Wehrer QB"

Do you suppose it was his mother or his girlfriend who adorned her mantle with these?

He must have been quite an athlete--this "Whity Wehrer" from Wayne--can you make out his jersey? It says Wayne 24--I guess these could be from high school, but he looks older than that.

Whity Wehrer 1936
Goodness, I love these. When I put them away for awhile, my little gal asked me "Where did the guys go?"
Now, do I list them on Etsy or do I find a home for them here---?


  1. good heavans they are awesome.

    and you mean...WSC, as in


    if so, kindred souls and fellow college alumni!!

    i can't wait to tell brent! {he went to doane}

  2. Yes, indeed WSC--do I remember reading on your blog once about Berry Hall?!

  3. all i have to say is

    {i'm yelling}

    G O C A T S !!!!!

    {and that goes with obnoxious cheerleader arm motions}

  4. Jill, I finally had time to look at this, properly. I am so impressed ---- you are such a smart little cookie. I am so proud of you for doing this. What fun!!!!! Bye


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