Impulsive Buy

Sometimes you go to an auction and make spur of the moment decisions.--Sometimes you regret them--you try not to. Regret ruins the whole auction experience. (I call it auction remorse-and choose to not allow it) BUT Sometimes you make a spur of the moment decision--an impulsive buy--and it's pure excitement--No auction remorse here!

Even when you have to call your husband to bring the other vehicle because "It's not all going to fit in the pick up." And he makes it even sweeter when he gets there and says "I loved playing pinball when I was a kid!"

No remorse here--especially when you get to tell your son you've brought him a project. Something he can take apart (but must promise to put back together-restored)

He even went out to the barn to take pictures of it to post about it on our family blog. You can see this gem here tucked (crammed?) between my drill press and our pick up.

It does work--just needs some tweaking, and oil, and rewiring, and keys. Keys would definitely be good! My son put me in charge of finding the keys or a locksmith.
The day was fun--met a couple who drove all the way from Denver just to come to this auction. No family connection at all--just found it on a web site. Really enjoyed visiting with them. And their only remorse was for not having a trailer with them to fill also-their car was packed!


  1. oh good heavens. that is sweet! wow. big. GREAT impulse buy.

    NO regrets.

  2. Ooooo...wish I would have been there, but probably best not -- too tempting! Have Will call BJ and RJ. They love "fixin" things. And, yes, it does help our guilt when hubbies are excited about it too. Thank goodness we're not the only junkies in the family! Love it!


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