A few years back (seven maybe?) my brother made this rabbit hutch for my kids. We were going to have pet rabbits, and did for awhile...

I wasn't really thrilled with the bunnies much, but I loved the hutch! It was made from old wood, wheels, scrap from my Dad's junk pile.
Recycle, Reporpose, Reuse--I know a mantra maybe being overused, but oh how sweet is this?!

Yes, this scrap pile turned hutch is being neglected again, but it will have new life- sometime-hopefully this spring in my garden. And, if my little gals are like the older kids, it will probably hold bunnies again someday.


  1. that branch growing up thru there...adds such...such...substance.. to it. i think it would look great in a garden. mine. ok. or yours.


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