A Celebration Cake

The first "Celebration Cake" I made was three years ago and I posted about it here.  It now dresses up my sewing room since my Mom passed away two years ago. 

This is now the third one I've made.

This one is less "scrappy", a little smaller, and has a more fancy vibe than the other two.  I have a nice stash of vintage velvet thanks to a great garage sale score a while back so my "icing" is velvet. ♥  

I took these pictures last month while the house was decorated for Christmas and temporarily set it here.  Hard to find good light in December!

When I first made book page flowers years ago, I made a number more than I needed for the wreath I was making so I have a jar of them ready to use when needed.

Having your own hand made supplies ready to go is great!
I'm sure you know that the "cake medallions" are vintage earrings with the backs clipped off.

This one was a gift for my sister's 60th birthday.

The post I linked to at the beginning gives a few more details if you are wanting to make yourself a celebration cake.  I imagine a cake either labeled with what you are grateful for or perhaps a cake to celebrate a personal accomplishment?  I can see making a little flag on the cake "Hope" or "I am a child of God".  A little joyful reminder of gratitude.  :)

My daughter talks about the importance of celebration.  It really is important.  It goes along with gratitude. 

Celebrating makes space for gratitude.

Baking Day: 2018

Happy New Year!! 

I thought I'd share my little "Baking Day" video here on my blog.  I have a made a number of little films now and sure hope to fill the coming year with more.

We don't have a very fast internet connection, so I have to reduce the quality of the videos to upload them.  It's frustrating, but then I stop to think. It's just amazing that I have access to the technology in any capacity!  So I quit bemoaning our internet connection. :) 

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