A Sweet Little One Year Old

Our youngest granddaughter turned one at the beginning of November!

I thought I'd share a few of her "one year old" photos I took of her. (There were a lot more pictures!)

She moves and she moves quickly so it was a challenge to get her smiling at the camera.  One year olds are busy, busy, busy!

She is so sweet.

And she has lots of teeth already. :)

If you'd like to reminisce with me, here are a few pictures from last year and Bridget's one year old pictures (our second granddaughter)  I don't think I ever posted our oldest granddaughter's one year pictures here on my blog.  

Walking is just around the corner for her!

~happy monday~

Saturday Digest

It's been a long time since I've done a digest post.  It's time. :)

►I took this photo at my brother and sister in law's place in August.  They have some chickens, goats, a few pigs, a horse and a few calves.  The girls always love to see their menagerie.  These Guernsey calves are so photogenic!

►STICKS, folks, sticks. Here and so cool!  You may remember how much I enjoy sticks from this post.  It wasn't until half way through the video that I realized the artist had a band saw there cutting the sticks to the size he wanted.  Vision is what he had.  But maybe more importantly, he had the confidence to see it through.

►This year-long embroidery project is inspiring.  If you scroll all the way down through the pictures she posted you get a wonderful visual representation of the encouraging phrase "just start".

I've mentioned Ann Wood here before but seriously, her email in my in box is a bright spot of inspiration.

►I just ordered Randy's Christmas gift to me.  ;)  After I placed the order, I found myself just smiling and so happy.  I told the girls, "He'll enjoy giving this to me so much!"  They sort of laughed. 

Scene and Story: A Bare Light Bulb

Scene and Story crept up on me.  Better late....!

Earlier in October we were given the chance to visit my husband's old high school through his sister in law who works at the school.  It was so much fun to see where he went to school!  Only a few rooms of the school are in use now.  Most of the rooms are either used for storage of physical things or for holding memories. 

This closet really caught my attention.  Not updated at all as some of the other rooms had been.  A bare light bulb lighting the narrow space.   

It's always interesting to me, what gets left behind.  Pretty sure none of this will be used in the current active classrooms.

"What now?" hangs in the air.  Much like the bare bulb.

I'm linking up with Scene and Story here.

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