Let's Begin Again, Shall We?

Wow, it's been almost three months since I last posted!  It began with a frozen start menu on our laptop. Proceeded to a corrupted hard drive on our desktop, then we were left with both computers non functioning.

Many phone calls, four different online orders for parts and software and so much t.i.m.e to figure it all out contributed to no blogging.  Then of course there was 4h and vacation and kids stuff so not all bad things going on here!

Last week my daughter and granddaughters came to stay so we could take one year old pictures.

She wasn't the most cooperative. :)  But once I started editing, I found that we had some great shots!

It was certainly hard to know where to begin to blog again.  All summer, I'd think, this would be fun to post about...and so on.  I just finished these pictures of Bridget so I decided right where I am is always a good place to begin!

If you have found your way back here after such a long break....I'm happy you are here!! 


  1. What a darling little sweetheart. Bridget's photo shoot was a great success from the looks of these samples. Welcome back, Jill.

  2. How sweet and the black and white pics make it all the sweeter!

    Love you on IG! ;-D

  3. What a cutie!
    I've had similar misadventures with technology - I'm using my phone exclusively! Our desktop has a corrupted hard drive and a new computer at this time is out of the question! Thanking God for this little computer in my pocket :)

  4. Glad you got your computer problems fixed. She is adorable!


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