A Merciful Gift

I took a few sunset photos a couple of weeks ago when we were out taking my granddaughter's one year photos.  Can a person get enough of the sky?  ever?
Such a merciful gift from our Father.

for everyone
every day

We share the sky.  We share a Heavenly Father.  hard to grasp

There is a song from the musical Big River that has these lines in it:

I see the same stars through my window that you see through yours
but we're worlds apart, worlds apart
I see the same sky through brown eyes that you see through blue
but we're worlds apart, worlds apart

I know the words are metaphorical for the situation of slavery versus free, but I think the words are still very thought provoking for us now.

You can read a bit more on Mercy here.

Look up today, I will be. :)


  1. More than once, I have looked up and wondered who and where another is doing the same at just that moment. I always feel the impulse to reach up and discover if someone is reaching back. Of course, my true and open self knows there IS someone reaching back. His name is God.

  2. Wonderful words. We all share the same sky, and many of the same mercies from our loving Father.


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