Fall Wreath Tutorial

So, I don't usually decorate the great out doors.

But, after the rain we had last night, I knew this wreath I made yesterday had to go out in the wild for a little photo shoot. The colors in the wreath, the moss on the trees, the leaves just beginning to turn color....well, it was the perfect back drop.

When I got waylaid from an online class I was taking because of network issues, my mind jumped to making a fall wreath.  I've enjoyed this spring and summer scrappy one I made so much, I thought I'd give a go to a fall one.

One thing led to another and there was left over jute from my daughter's 4h project sitting beside me and I realized that's what the wreath needed to pull it all together.  

And, then I made some scrappy beads to adorn it!  I was first inspired to make beads like this a couple of years ago from Alma Stoller.

So the easy instructions:  
Supplies:  +foam wreath (I used a 17" one) Any size will work.
+fall colored scraps of fabric (felt, wool, cotton, etc)
+batting or flannel or felt scraps to wrap wreath first
+glue gun
+large crochet hook (size depends on jute size and wreath size)
+jute (size depends on wreath size)

I wrapped the wreath first with two layers of batting scraps to fill out and "plump" the wreath so to speak.  At 17" in diameter the skinny wreaths they sell look too thin to me.

Then cut your scraps to varying widths and wrap around the wreath beginning and ending in the back. I only wrapped each scrap once around.  Use glue gun (somewhat sparingly) to secure scraps in place.

With the jute and large hook, you basically slip stitch it around the wreath.  Pulling the jute up in the center then up on the back.   The jute does not twist around the wreath. I put the slip stitch around the outside of the wreath, but on the front could be really neat too.
I found these instruction for a crocheted wreath (which is really neat!) to help you a little more since I don't have more pictures.  I was on a mission! I did not single crochet like she did though, I only slip stitched it around.

Add some type of adornment like the beads I made and you're ready to hang it.  What a great way to use up scraps!

Feel free to pin this project!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This is so absolutely so original and cute! I get it all but the jute crochet...I'm all thumbs. Maybe I can just end it with the fabric! lol!

    Thanks for a great tutorial, Jill!


  2. That's a great looking wreath. The crocheted jute adds a whole other layer to it, and the fabric beads are the perfect finishing touch. You are so creative!

  3. I love this - its so unique and different - never seen anything like it! and it looks perfect outdoors....fantastic job!

  4. Yes outside for a photo shoot was perfect for this amazing creation.


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