Trust the Quiet

Waiting.  Through the Viewfinder Photograph.

It's Tuesday of Holy Week.

What has been on my heart this week is the knowledge that I can sit and wait with our Lord in a very real way.  And, that waiting and sitting is more than likely very quiet without much to see on the outside so to speak.  And, maybe not even too much to describe on the inside, but a presence of love.

I sit in love with Him this week.  And, I go about the daily tasks, but am still present with Him in love.

There has been a lot of sitting and waiting in my life.  Sitting and just "being"... being present to someone else or alone with God.  Many times the sitting and waiting was in distress and others sat with me in support. 

When my first husband, Jim died., there was a lot of just sitting and "being".    My family sitting with me here at the house, just being here. A friend would call and we'd sit quietly on the phone together.

All our many trips to the ER and stays in the hospital with the kids.  Many times with family or friends there or sometimes just my husband and myself.  At times me alone.  All the sitting on the couch, staring at them while they lay sick.

When my husband, Randy was really sick with an infection.  Sitting, waiting, being by his bedside.

When a couple of older friends passed away, sitting, waiting, being by their bedside, praying in the last weeks.

When my Dad died.  When Randy's Dad died. Sitting, waiting, and being in hospitals, the nursing home.  

Many of the times when we wait with a loved one or they wait with us, there is little need for conversation.  Just sitting.  Just being.  Maybe praying.  Maybe flipping though a magazine.  Maybe crocheting.  The occasional mention of current events or family goings on.  But the love is palpable.

When the emotional time has passed and the air is lighter, then there may be waiting with card games, movies, puzzles, jokes.  We've had lots of that kind of waiting too. 

And, then there is the busy kind of waiting and being. When you show your support by doing chores and helping with the daily tasks that still need to be done. I've had lots of this kind of waiting and being shown me when Jim died.  Such quiet love shown with our actions.

When I wrote the post on Ash Wednesday, I wanted to say more.  If we spend our days in quiet love, that would be a good way to look back and see how we've spent our lives. Even if from the outside it doesn't look like much.

It seems like we need to put words into everything we do and often feel the need to fill the silence. (Yes, I realize the irony that I'm using words to talk about not needing words...ha!) 

But, so many times words fail. 

 And, you can trust the quiet.

Amid the Trees

This past Friday, I picked up a few wonderful garage sale finds.  You can see some of them here on Instagram.

Another, was this hammock.  We have a stand that has been hidden in the trees for years since the hammock on it broke from rot.  Honestly, I don't even remember the hammock, pretty sure I laid on it once.

Well this new to us ($5, with some age for sure and a broken rope) hammock didn't fit the stand. 

Thank goodness!  This is soooooooo much better!!! Attached to two trees with i-screws (thanks to my son's suggestion)  When my daughter came home for a day, I took a couple of pictures with my phone.

The view looking up from the hammock.  (Great big smile inserted here!!)

Now, to somehow make the time to go and lay in it!


I took this picture about a year ago and never posted it.  This morning a friend sent me gorgeous pictures of pink contrails as the sun was rising this morning.  

I've watched the sky forever and when I see jets go by I'm often taken to thoughts of "who's on board?"  "where are they going?"  and depending on what is going on in my life....I either wish I too was on board a jet going anywhere or I sit in absolute joy that I am on the ground right where I am.

So today, I hope you all are with me, sitting in joy that you are right where you are!

And, truth be told...I did not remember or did I ever know? that these were called contrails.  I've always just referred to them as jet streams. Always something new!

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday Digest

►So...hoping to turn this stack of vintage green fabrics and this stack of doilies into a fun wall art display in the toy room.  Not sure it will turn out...stay tuned!

►I found this when I went up to take a picture of the fabric and doilies.  ???  Are they prisoners?  being rescued?  I asked.  They were just trying to see who could tie a barbie on the tightest, to see which one would stay on as they shook the lion around.  Now, I know what they were doing yesterday as they laughed and made so much noise upstairs, ha!

This photography project is interesting.  Small businesses around the world.  You may like the photos if you like the idea of entrepreneurship.

►I found this site a couple of weeks ago, Peg and Awl.  Apparently, I'm a bit behind as they have 28 thousand followers on Instagram.  Very cool stuff.

►This hand made book is really incredible.  Watch both videos if you have time.

►My son who likes to hunt and shares my interest in gardening sent me this link.  Fun!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Who Will Be Like Me?

One of my little gals asked me the other day why she doesn't get to  help me get things ready to mail any more?  It took me awhile to decipher what she was asking.  She was referring to when I had two Etsy shops open!  

I was certainly surprised that she remember that.  The shelves have been empty now for sometime and I've taken the links off of my blog some time ago too.

I don't believe I'll ever sell vintage items online again, but who knows?  I do hope though to re-open at some point my shop selling photographs and hand made items or supplies for such.

I had sold some Through the Viewfinder Photographs through my shop and at local shows too. 
Here is an article about TTV Photos if you aren't familiar with them.

 These two photos have been on my mind today.

So much comparing one can do when you think you are falling short.

This prayer comes to mind:

"Lord, please bless me today just the way I am. I ask for the grace to see myself through your eyes."

Happy Monday!

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