Ash Wednesday Thoughts

Besides giving up potato chips, again, I have some spiritual exercises that I'll be doing this Lent.

One being prayer journaling.  

I have been in the practice of it off and on over the years.  More off than on.

Besides being a prayer journal, I hope to keep it accessible during the day to jot notes and thoughts. 

And, as I opened the journal this morning, I found this quote that I had written in there a couple of years back.

And, it resonated with me again.  I think it will with you too.

This really could be a good Lenten meditation.

As I thought about this, I was reminded of some instagram photos I've had printed out. 

It's a sampling of how we spend our days.

The fancy leather journal was a gift to my daughter a number of years ago.  It was too intimidating to her to actually write or draw in it, leather bound and all.  So, she gave it to me.  I've only written on two pages...I had the same problem.  It's too nice.   

This Lent I will write, scribble notes, this journal.  It's not too nice to use.

Whether you journal or not, spending time thinking about and praying about, how you spend your day ,could bring about great blessings.

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  1. Great post! The journal is better being used than sitting there collecting dust. Who can appreciate it then? I am trying to spend time each morning journaling and praying, so it is working really well.


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