Bedroom Makeover

I know this isn't much of a picture, I had it on my phone from 3 years ago. But, it's all I can find now of what the bedroom used to look like.  The other pictures are on a computer upstairs. Or in an album.  Or a box.  You get the idea.  Anyway, this is the largest bedroom in our house, but you'd never know it from my picture, ha!
My two oldest daughters shared this room for years with a double bed in it.  Then eventually one moved out to another room and another bedroom move later brought my fourth child here and she is still here.  She's 15 and I told her we could retire the vintage-y little girl print wall paper we installed when we built the house in 1996.
 A current phone picture....when we were getting ready to paint it.  Wallpaper removed, taped up and ready for some texturing and painting.
My second oldest helping to paint.  It was a family paint party!  Some of us enjoyed it more than others, ha!
 All painted.  Now we wait.  For the orders of bedding and shelving and new mattress to arrive. (We are going back to a full size bed in here.)  And, for me to clean the carpet and sew the curtains.  Pretty sure there is more on this list, but I don't want to feel overwhelmed so I'll stop with this.
From the one corner of the room you can see the much lighter color that the other two walls are.  Our color of choice throughout most of the house is Dover White from Sherwin Williams.  The door to the hall is on the right side of this picture.
This is the color palette she chose.  Pillows and bedding have arrived and it's all matching just like we hoped!! You can see the gray in her color palette is the wall color. 
And,  by chance or not chance, since she chose these colors too, the weaving she made last summer matches her color scheme really well.  I blogged about it here.
I had to add a picture of the desk chair in her room because I just think it's the greatest.  The desk it sits with could sure use to be refinished, but that may not happen for quite awhile.
Hopefully, we'll have things moving along and I can post pictures of the finished room in the near future.
It's a gray day here, but it's my birthday so that helps raise the gloominess.  We celebrated with all the kids yesterday and really had a nice time eating out.  Last year was my milestone, 50, birthday and it's nice to look back at that celebration and think about the past year. I posted here, here, and here about it. 
It's really been a good year and I'm so happy for all of you that have come to visit here!


  1. Claire's going to have a wonderful room! Great colors - can't wait to see it when it's all ready for her to become embedded!! Sorry - that slipped out... Now I'm really liking the gray! xoxoxoxoxoxox


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