Friday Finds: Cozy in the Cold

After our visit to the Durham I posted about on Monday, we ate at a favorite restaurant, King Fong's which is almost 100 years old. I've only been there once in the past 20 some years and was excited to introduce my kids to it. The restaurant is upstairs in a very old building in downtown Omaha and when we left, it was beginning to snow lightly.

Now, that everyone is older, I enjoy dropping back behind my family if we walk somewhere.  To take them all in so to speak.

The city at night is a treat.  Just for a different experience from our more rural life.

This book store is next to the restaurant, but of course was closed.  Looks promising!  I've never been in it.
So true, right?  Never Enough Books.

Of course shooting pictures this way requires a slow shutter speed but the effect is nice actually.

The little blur is my granddaughter between her dad and her uncle.  She just tripped along as fast as she could between them thinking it was great fun.  
The bigger blur is my 8 year old who was loving how beautiful it all was along with me.  She just swooned over how striking the Woodmen was, take a picture she said!!

Sure! Although I edited all of these pictures, I didn't color correct much so the warm glow in the photos before is from incandescent lighting from the street lights.  However, the woodmen must be lit up with fluorescent lights as it had no yellow in it.  Just interesting I thought.

It was cold that night, but the lights, the height of the buildings, the snow, and the cloud cover made for quite a bit of "cozy" and I loved it!

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Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  I hope the warmth you may find in this day spill into the week...the month...the year....
This day is so much more than a day for couples.


  1. Looks like a fun evening in the city! Love the city light glowing off the sidewalks

  2. what a wonderful evening Jill... so nice that you captured it all in photos.....
    and they are magical....
    love that your girl was appreciating it all.... alongside you.

    happy Valentines...thanks for sharing with FF....

    xo, Kim

  3. p.s.
    your header is beautiful... xo

  4. I would have loved to looked around that bookstore. It looks like a gem.

  5. The atmosphere in your photos is great! It looks like a wonderful evening with your family! I also enjoy city walks in the night!
    Wish you a good time :)

  6. Love the idea of you walking behind your family to better look at and enjoy them. Great photos. The love comes through so well.

  7. I love this post. Great photos captured the evening perfectly.


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