I've yet to grow carrots or potatoes.  Think about it every year.  I did try beets once, but it didn't go well.  So, maybe this year?! I was about to peel these for supper and was thinking how satisfying it would be to grow my own.
I really enjoy peeling and cutting up vegetables. I guess it's the color and the texture that appeals to me. 
And, speaking of carrots.....
If you have time and weren't around here in 2009, heck, even if you were, maybe you'd like to read this again because it still makes me laugh!
I'm linking up with Kim for Texture Tuesday.  The above image was textured with "allard".


  1. I am pretty sure I've never grown a vegetable in my life. Yes... it is sad, I know! ha! Loved the old post! Tooo funny!!!

  2. I remember the carrots and potatoes that we grew in our garden when I was growing up. I loved the tops of the carrots sticking up above the dirt.

  3. growing your own vegies is such fun
    everything tastes so special too :)
    and proved by your photo they are beautiful to look at too!


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