Download-Cut-Cut Again-Paste-Play

I found this web site, Caravan Shoppe, selling adorable prints and toy downloads before Christmas.  

And, I purchased the Olliblocks download to make for my grand daughter's upcoming birthday.  

Cute, yes?

My little girls pooled their money to buy the download of the smollhouse foldaway dollhouse.
The rooms are really cute!

I also thought I'd surprise my girls with the minifolk clothes for peg dolls.

I ordered (in bulk) the blocks and the peg dolls.  I finally got to the project in this past month.

It was not as easy as it would seem.  Now, that it's all said and done, I'm glad I did it but I thought I'd share my experience with you.

Things to be careful about or to consider should you try something similar:

► You can't just pick certain pages from a pdf to save and download.  You must send the whole file and tell the printer which pages you want printed.  I didn't want to pay for printing of instructions, etc.  
►Pay close attention to the instructions:  Ex. I had it all printed on card stock and then realized way too late that the peg doll clothes needed to be printed on regular paper. The instructions did say this. I missed it.  Card stock was way to heavy. (I realized this after I had fussy cut out all those clothes!!)  ugh.
►All the pieces need to be cut slightly smaller than they are printed.  Missed that too.  Had to cut many pieces a second time.  Even the full sheets need to be cut smaller.
►The full sheets for the dollhouse had to be mounted.  Cutting mat board takes a long time when you have a dull blade.  Even when you have a sharp blade.
►A mat cutting board and rotary cutter/exacto knife with a ruler are very handy here.  I wouldn't do this without those tools
►Mod Podge is messy, very messy when trying to adhere the clothes neatly to the rounded peg dolls.  Cut a lot of slits to let it overlap. Keep a bowl of water and towel close to keep cleaning off your fingers.
►I used double sided tape to mount the house pieces on the mat board.
►Ask if your kids even want the clothes.  Much to my dismay at first and then pure happiness after I did a couple----my girls were not excited about having the little peg dolls dressed and absolutely did not want faces on them.  "Sometimes we have them cry, sometimes they are happy"....I was told.

This is the first time, I've had a PDF professionally printed and they were so nicely done!  I am ready to buy more prints, just not so sure I want to do too much more cutting and Mod Podging....The instructions did recommend printing on sticker paper, but that would that have been very expensive.

Happy Monday!


  1. What sweet toys. Your tips are practical and realistic. I think it's great that the girls didn't want faces on their little dolls - imagination does what's needed.

  2. Oh my goodness! Can I come and play? Actually, you've done the "playing" part I'd enjoy almost as much as playing with your lovely finished product. Great job, Jill Ruth! Lucky, lucky, Blessed Little Girls!
    It's only me again - Mary Ruth


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