BFFs (Big Fat Flakes)

It snowed for awhile this morning with some pretty big flakes.

Soooo.... I made a GIF from pictures take out our back door. 

(I saved it running 5 times, so if it's not moving, you need to click on it again.)


  1. Pretty. Sunny and windy here today.

  2. That's cool .... But the question is: are they really your BFF's or are you sick if them?

  3. I just snapped a still photo of some beautiful fluffy snowflakes falling here in Virginia...
    snow is so magical...
    now don't laugh but I get motion sick very easily and can only look at your gif very briefly (that's pretty bad isn't it hah!)

  4. Love it! No snow for us. And.... poor Patty........ that is extreme! ha!


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