Put Down Your Coffee....

My brother and his wife have a big garden and really enjoy their vegetables. I didn't know how much until last night when my brother posted this on our family blog. I was laughing so hard my husband got out of bed to see what was so funny! They had been out harvesting carrots and my brother disappeared into the basement with them.

Here you go...Carrots on Parade...

She's got legs, and she knows how to grow em'.

I suggest a little less meat and a lot more vegetables.

To be, or not to be...

I hate it when the wind is out of the north!

Peg leg??

Wha'd ya mean I've got varicose veins?

Mom, I really, really got to go!!!!

And this one really needs no introduction. Enjoy your veggies!!!!

It Came!!

I won a giveaway at Robelyn's Tea Party! She was celebrating her birthday and gave away one of her fabulous hand bags that she makes from recycled materials. I couldn't wait for it to arrive! Her blog is called Redneck Chic and all that she sells and creates is definitely in her own Redneck style.

Duct tape is her signature style--and being a lover of Red Green--I love this!!!

She even stuck in a fabulous vintage extras for me!! She had posted about these neat radio tubes she came across and I had been drooling over them.

More tubes and a metal letter "J"!! All wrapped in recycled vintage pattern tissue paper.

Look what the handbag was wrapped in--a redneck shopping bag!

And now....drumroll...

The "e.liz.a.beth" handbag. She's beautiful!!!!! Made from recycled plastic bags and upcycled materials. Robelyn--you're work is immaculate. REALLY!!

And subtle beautiful "Bling". I LOVE IT ALL!!

You can see more of her bags here in her Etsy shop. Really, check them out--if you buy one you won't be disappointed!


I made this nest from honeysuckle vines from out in the back yard. They needed to be pruned anyway. The eggs are wood that I collaged with vintage sheet music. I'd had those eggs for years~so good to finally use them.

Of course--a cloche. So hard to photograph glass.

"Song" Bird Cloche

About a year and half ago I flipped for Cloches. I've posted about them before. Anything you put under glass rises in stature. I've given them (empty cloches) as gifts and have one stashed away yet to give in my closet. But, at a site that I frequent, Junk Revolution, the junk lovin' ladies are making their own out of cheese domes, light globes, and vases. I'm on the bandwagon now! I bought a big box of glass light fixture globes at a garage sale.

This is my first repurposed cloche. I paired the globe with a vintage plate that worked perfectly with it. Made the nest out of wire and shredded vintage sheet music that was already tattered. I shaped the eggs out of Fimo polymer clay and baked them. That clay is some fun stuff. Thought about painting them, but decided to just leave them white. (Less is more you know!) The little bird was shaped out of the same gauge of wire and glued to the sheet music with gel medium. I first made a wire bird for a bottle and posted about it here.

The little scraps of fabric are from an authentic rag ball that was rolled to use in rag rug weaving. I have quite a few of those balls in baskets in my sewing room. They have some very pretty vintage colors in them.

Mix and Match

I've always collected aluminum pieces, probably because they're cheap. But really I like the very plain industrial like look to them. I've started finding some silver plated pieces and I think they look fine right next to the aluminum. The flowers in my newly aquired silver vase are actually chives in bloom. I'm telling you , you can cut just about anything and it looks great in a vintage piece.

Have a great weekend!!

I Heart Sunflowers...and Change

This is in our garden! Isn't that fun how it grew?

As for hearting change...please bear with me as I try to tune up my blog a bit. It's time for a change and I only have a thumb-ful of knowledge on how to kick things up a bit on the computer. I'm not going to let that stop me from trying. So you may things change back and forth here for a bit. We'll see how it goes.....

Soothing Sorting

I found a big bag of buttons at a thrift store yesterday. Almost passed them up, but then I thought about sorting them...and brought them home.

And these sweet tea cups were there also. Never considered for a second to pass them up.

Sorting buttons is therapy. Soothing. Wondering what what garment the button was on when you see thread and wear. Who wore it and what the life was like for the woman who saved all the buttons of the worn out clothes. The colors of vintage buttons are perfect. They can't be reproduced. Especially when there is thread left or sometimes even a tiny bit of fabric attached yet to the thread.

I know sorting is genetic. I remember my dad heading out of the house and someone asking him where he was going. "Out to sort bolts." This is from the old house that was my Dad's shop. He put bolts, nuts, etc. in jars with the lids nailed to boards so they would hang where you could see what was in them through the clear jar. The house is falling down now. Many of the jars are broken. Many in places too dark to photograph well. I would have never described Dad as stressed. Ever. But, now I wonder if sorting bolts was his therapy.

If You Plant A Broken Plate....

My new flowers that don't need water! Actually, I'm selling these over at Cottonwood, the antique mall where I have a booth. The first ones I took over sold quickly so hopefully these will too!

I think they'll work really well for plants to vine up on. Or weeds, as the first photo shows!
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