It Came!!

I won a giveaway at Robelyn's Tea Party! She was celebrating her birthday and gave away one of her fabulous hand bags that she makes from recycled materials. I couldn't wait for it to arrive! Her blog is called Redneck Chic and all that she sells and creates is definitely in her own Redneck style.

Duct tape is her signature style--and being a lover of Red Green--I love this!!!

She even stuck in a fabulous vintage extras for me!! She had posted about these neat radio tubes she came across and I had been drooling over them.

More tubes and a metal letter "J"!! All wrapped in recycled vintage pattern tissue paper.

Look what the handbag was wrapped in--a redneck shopping bag!

And now....drumroll...

The "e.liz.a.beth" handbag. She's beautiful!!!!! Made from recycled plastic bags and upcycled materials. Robelyn--you're work is immaculate. REALLY!!

And subtle beautiful "Bling". I LOVE IT ALL!!

You can see more of her bags here in her Etsy shop. Really, check them out--if you buy one you won't be disappointed!


  1. Oh, Jill, I love it all. Congratulations! Isn't it great fun to have virtual junkin' friends that send you stuff. So Robelyn IS real - I knew that she was!


  2. LOL I am so glad that you like it!!! I am SO glad that you won - it was such fun to package it up for you!!! I love your blog and YOU inspire me - so I'm so glad I get to give a little thank you!!!

    :-) thanks again!
    I'm so glad that you like it! I can't wait to see what you do with the tubes - how cool are they!!!

  3. Jill....I love the idea of this blog Red neck chic. If you hadn't told me that silver bag was made from plastic bags? I would have thought it was some fancy fabric...really.
    very cool!


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