Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Winnie the Pooh Party!

Our granddaughter turned 2 this month...already?!  Since she currently loves Winnie the Pooh, my daughter made a few decorations with that theme.  
For the backdrop of the table, she covered the current picture frames she has hanging on the wall with craft paper and then decorated it.

I thought the terra cotta pot turned 'hunny' pot filled with caramel corn was so cute!

 She painted this cute little "Pooh" and put in in an existing frame she had, just over the picture.

 Now, I know what all the hoopla is about for macaroons!  I'd never tasted one before.  But, my daughter's good friend has a good friend...who is a chef of sorts and she made some awesome treats for the party!  These espresso macaroons....yowza, delicious!

These hand made chocolates....

 And, these macaroons on a stick! That's one good friend of a friend!

My daughter made these "tigger tails" that were supposed to look like this, however, the directions didn't say that the food coloring had to be a powdered pigment.  She used regular food coloring in the almond bark and says she had clay afterward. Learned something new. :)  So, she used what she had left to make normal dipped pretzel rods.

Washi tape decorates the jars to hold party supplies.

The Winnie the Pooh movie (the original one) is so cute!  It was my son's favorite.

Does she look thoughtful?  Or just like a toddler who will NOT look at the camera?

"Thinking" alongside her two youngest aunties.

This is what we got when we tried to pose a picture.  Sheesh!

There's a reason chalk boards are all the easy to add to your event!

This tissue tassel garland was pretty easy to make so I was told.  Here are the directions.

How cute is this bee hive?  She painted a white paper lantern yellow, painted the black opening, printed out honey bees from the computer, cut them out, bent the wings out, and glued them on.  

I guess I'm going is what we were greeted with at the front door.

Let's go back to this back drop, I think it's so pretty and festive!  A set up like this would be fun for photos at any event.  The flowers are wonderful!  I'm not sure where I'd put them at our house and I don't do much for decorating for parties, but I think I want to make some! 

The flowers are made from the common Vanity brand dinner napkins.   The instructions are found here on the blog, Made. And, here is a link for the instructions for the paper rosettes.

If anyone wants to reminisce about her first birthday, you could go back to this post.

They are in the process of moving into a "new" house.  New to them, because it's 90 years old.  I've only seen pictures of the outside, and I'm anxious to see the inside.  A "fixer upper" I believe.  I know I'm going to love it!

~I hope your week is going well~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Texture Tuesday: Simple

Hello!  I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend!  

Today's theme at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday is "simple".  She says to post whatever comes to mind...and what came to mind, were the pictures I took of one of my daughters drawing last week.  The sun was shining in on her so I grabbed my camera. When I edited the photo, I used Kim's newest free texture "simple" also.

Paper and simple...and yet such very powerful tools.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texture Tuesday

Last night my daughter woke me up to see the blood moon.
It was worth getting up for!  However, I wasn't up to getting my tripod set up for a picture, as it was cold and icy on our deck.
I could use the deck rail for a tripod with my camera laying flat looking up set on "bulb" mode to catch some stars.
I layered the above image with Kim Klassen's texture "Xanthe" which brightened the stars just a bit without increasing the dark sky.  The night was perfect for star gazing!

But, the blood moon was off to the side from my camera lens on the deck rail.  So, I decided to streak the Moon (and Mars) with the "bulb" setting as it would be blurry anyway without a tripod. (I moved the camera with the shutter open.)

Look how bright the Moon and Mars were compared to the other stars!   There wasn't enough exposure to see the other stars.
The theme at Texture Tuesday is Perfectly Imperfect.  I may be stretching this a bit (you think??) as God's sky is actually pretty perfect. :)  But, my photo because it couldn't be kind of fun with the trailing moon.

It's Holy Week so I think I'll be back here next week.  
I have much to share in the upcoming weeks: the abandoned house pictures I mentioned earlier... a two year old's birthday antique abandoned theater....a frosting recipe....

May you have blessed week and a JOYOUS EASTER!!  
(My 8 y ear old daughter gave up all electronic entertainment...her idea...and she said the other day, "I'm ready for Him to be risen already!")

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Finds

It's been a long time since I've bought anything at a thrift store, auction, or garage sale.  It was exciting to bring home these treasures the other day!
1. Old wood crucifix
2. Metal crucifix---that opens up in the back to hold candles and candle holders on the metal back that comes off.
3. Bless our home plaque that I thought had potential if I took it off the wood piece it was mounted on.
4. Lovely ceramic bird
5. Stack of quilt blocks!!! (nothing matches...odds and ends)
6. Awesome colors in some of the quilt block pieces.

And, I was right, unscrewed from the wood plaque this metal "Bless Our Home" piece is so neat!

I can't decide where to put it yet. :)

Linking today with Kim:

Kim Klassen dot Com

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

For the Love of...Decay

The theme at Kim's Texture Tuesday this week was a fill in the blank.  "For the Love of...."
After shooting on Sunday, it was easy to fill in the blank. 
What always speak to me:
 Leaf skeletons?  Decay.  
Chippy paint? Decay.
Rust? Decay
Rotting logs? Decay.
Abandoned buildings? Decay.

I really like how this house sits back in all the overgrown trees, emphasizing it's neglect.  Out of sight...out of mind, as the saying goes.

I textured the image with one from Kim's Downton Collection, "Mary".

Happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Preview: Abandoned

I was able to go do a little exploring yesterday with my camera.

And, I explored here.

More pictures to come.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Digest

►Never underestimate the power of a tent set up indoors.  And, a flashlight? of the best play set ups!  This was a couple of months ago when our granddaughter came to visit.  (low light grainy photo)

►Wow.  London through a marble?!  Very neat photos on here at the blog, Conversation Pieces.

►I'm still hooked on the idea of crocheting baskets, and this pattern is neat.  I think you could do it with strips of fabric too, as we made in this post. Did you get the pun, "hooked" on crocheting baskets....

Off shopping with all of my girls today!

~Have a great weekend~ 


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