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A Short Break From Graduation Prep

We celebrated our oldest granddaughter's 6th birthday on Sunday.  I want to keep in practice so filmed just enough to put together a little film, but not too much that it would take me forever to sift through, because there "is stuff to get done"! I'm not much of a list maker any longer, but I foresee lists made in this next month.

It felt good to go back into this software and remember what I've learned so far. Mostly.  Had to "relearn" a little.  Just a few weeks away from a new skill and you can lose it.

RORY'S BIRTHDAY from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

I'm also trying to remember what I've learned from watching our older home movies that I've mentioned on here before, to film the adults and the others who are present at whatever event I am taping. The whole room is part of the story.

The sun is shining here today!!

An Invitation

It's Holy Thursday.  After Mass tonight will be a time of adoration.  The Blessed Sacrament is moved to the side altar as the main altar has been stripped at the end of Mass.  We are asked to come back and sit in adoration.  The way I understand it, this is the time that we are the disciples who sit with Jesus as he prays in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Since becoming Catholic, for me, this has been a poignant time in the Church year.

You go back to the church in the dark.  There are only a handful of people there.
The church is dim except for the lights on the side altar.

It's so quiet.  So quiet that every movement on the pew makes a noise that sounds amplified.  If you cough or clear your throat, you are sure it echoes out into the street.

It makes you aware of yourself. Not in a vainglory kind of way.  And not in a self conscious oh everyone is looking at me kind of way.  Just an awareness of yourself. 
And --- in your role as a disciple of Jesus.

Tonight we sit with Him.

It makes me relive the times I've waited. 

During this wait I get tired, as it's bedtime.  It's quiet and dark around me, it's bedtime, and I get tired.  Sometimes I've dozed off just a bit.

Just like the disciples who couldn't stay awake while He was praying in the garden.  just. like. them.

When my time is done there, I get up and drive home in the dark finding that my time waiting with Him has deepened, just a little, a place of stillness in my heart allowing me to just be.

So....That Month Slipped Away!

It's been a full month with family things and such.  I've still been making videos, but they are too long to share here.  I still need to explore all the options for online sharing.  I made one for my daughter's graduation party and one from clips I took back in 2012 for my husband's family.  Now that we have all our old films in a digital format, I was able to combine video with photos for Claire's graduation.  THAT was so fun to make!  The other one that I was happy, but sad to do, was my father in law's last Christmas with us in 2012.  

I've also been busy "catching up" in our basement.  Hoping to make some better semblance of what I decide to keep while also hauling a lot out of here.  I'm getting there! Spring cleaning at it's best!

I ordered a Shutterfly book for my daughter with her pictures and I have invitations ready to go too.  I asked my son to come and look at the book before I ordered it to see if he would have any suggestions to tweak it...three hours later, we ordered it.  Tweak we did!  It's so nice to have a second set of eyes look at something some days.

I posted one Senior picture back in September, and never got back to posting more so here are a few.

She loves to read.  

Actually, she lives to read.

You may have guessed we went to the farm to take pictures also.

There are quite a few more in this series too.  ♥ silhouettes!

This captures her pretty perfectly. 



These last ones were taken back at our place.

I just love a moody photo.  And she does too.

Our pond as a backdrop.

She drives our old pick up which was Jim's which we bought in 1997.  ♥ So we took a few pictures with it too.

Now, with only a little over a week until Easter I'm trying not to let the busyness take over the beautiful reflective time of Lent that we can enjoy.

~have a great week~

Turning 54: A Film

While my son is on the job hunt, he found a video transfer device for me to buy so he could transfer all of our old VHS tapes, and 8mm tapes to a digital format.  He is done!  And I couldn't be happier to have this completed.  This is the one I bought and it seems to have worked well.
One thing I have noted as we watched bits and pieces of these tapes: I wish I would have recorded more of the places and the adults. (I mention that too in the last little film)  The adults shy away or we just put the camera on the toddler learning to walk.  And while yes, that is cute and I'm enjoying re-watching my kids learning to walk,  we all agree that we sure wish we could see more of the adults at the birthday parties and family gatherings.  I suppose it really just hits home because of losing Jim and now both of my parents.  I realize how much Jim didn't talk when the camera was on because no one likes to hear their own voices on tape. 

  Tape yourself.  Tape the other adults too.  Your kids you are taping will also love to see their aunts and uncles, grandparents, and of course parents when they were younger.

Here is a bit of an attempt.  But, I'm not talking on it yet. Ha!  Baby steps.

I didn't tape too much because the big problem with getting in front of the camera is that you aren't behind the camera, so it takes more planning and effort. 

Turning 54 from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

Who doesn't love the drop and pick up game played with a one year old?!

Happy Monday!
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