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Sari Ribbon Garland

For my birthday this past winter, my husband gifted me a subscription to Taproot Magazine.  Are you familiar with it?  It was new to me last year.  When I discovered it, I ordered one copy and made this forager vest from the Grain issue. It's a really beautifully put together publication with no advertising, I'd highly recommend it.

The most recent issue is called RELISH and in it was a simple project to  decorate silk ribbon. 

I used vintage buttons and scraps of fabric and fibers to embellish about a yard of vintage sari ribbon.  Lots of fun to make!

Little bits of the past tied on to one another::make a beautiful gathering of bits. ♥

The Garden, but Different

I set out to take pictures from the back of the garden as there is neat moss and patina that I really enjoy that isn't readily seen.  But, when I came to edit the photos I thought...hmmmm...black and white really shows the shapes which I also enjoy.  So here you go, garden photos with no color, but with a great moody feel!

The Well Worn Path

Always...my quest...to sing a new song and to move up and out of the well worn path.

Again today.  

This particular moment held me in the path of doubt and second guessing.

Give this some thought.  What "song" do you sing over and over and over?  What negative thoughts? What twists of truth?  What self absorbed worries?  (to name just a few annoying "songs" we allow to play or sing in our minds) That type of song creates a well worn path that  leads us nowhere or keeps us in a way of thinking and being that is not fruitful.

Is God inviting you to sing a new song?  He gave us that phrase in scripture so many times and there is so much hope in it!  So much encouragement!! 

Thanksgiving, love, gratitude, and trust are all really good songs. I'm pretty sure if you ask Him, if you turn to Him, and ask "What do you want my song to be?" In time, the tune will reveal itself and will resonate with you.

 There is truth and beauty that resonate with me when I keep a song of praise and gratitude in my heart. That then gives me the courage to get out of the rut; to step up and out of the well worn path.

Canning Season

Last week a friend suggested to me to use a rack from a canner filled with jars to hold flowers.

The very next day I found an old one at a garage sale that was covered quite nicely in rust and hard water deposits.  I had to scrounge a bit to find enough vintage green jars.  That surprised me!  But, I've sold or given so many of them away.

A few sunflowers were the perfect choice for flowers!

I really like the light shining through the jars.  It's currently on our dining room table so catches the morning light.

I plan to turn the enamel blue canner this rack came out of into a planter. :) 

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