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Another Month Slipped By


It's been a full, but great month!  Our fourth daughter graduated and with that were all the end of the year activities that go along with May.  Plus, there was moving our son into another apartment and other family events.  We also were able to meet another great niece and I took a few pictures of her.

I thought I'd post a few of them here. 

The most incredible light was filtering in through the nursery window and I saw an opportunity for beautiful silhouettes!

A little tiny baby yawn.  So sweet!

She is a beautiful baby.

They have a clothesline in their backyard so I seized that opportunity for a fun photo!  Pretty sure they are dryer people like me and her little clothes won't hang out there regularly.  I'd like to have a clothesline. I keep looking for poles and I know where there is a set, but haven't asked about them yet. But truthfully, I'd only use it for photos!

I hope to be back here before another month goes by.  Our youngest daughter will be having surgery next week to remove a cyst from one of her kidneys.  They anticipate her needing to spend one to two nights in the hospital.  I will be really happy when we are on the other side of that surgery and back home.  There isn't a concern about it being anything serious, but it needs to be removed to prevent infections and stones in the future. She's nervous about it as you can imagine. 

  I hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Moody Spring Buds

Yesterday, I was working outside and when I was coming in for a short break I thought I'll take a few minutes to clip some budding branches and see how they looked arranged.

This little arrangement is quite cheery in the dining room.

The days are finally getting a bit warmer here.

The more red buds here are from a small branch off of a Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Tree.  Last fall as I was pruning like a crazy woman, I accidentally pruned, from the bottom, one big pillar of the one of the small trees we have outside our lawn.  Oops.  I've saved said pruned branch, thinking that dried sand cherry wood could be pretty.  We'll see.

Each season is so special in it's own way. Spring, full of potential. I think the moody edit of these photos emphasize that.

It was fun to use my macro lens since it's been tucked away in my camera bag for awhile.

I hope you allow yourself to take a break too from your "gotta get done" list to enjoy what is before you.

A Short Break From Graduation Prep

We celebrated our oldest granddaughter's 6th birthday on Sunday.  I want to keep in practice so filmed just enough to put together a little film, but not too much that it would take me forever to sift through, because there "is stuff to get done"! I'm not much of a list maker any longer, but I foresee lists made in this next month.

It felt good to go back into this software and remember what I've learned so far. Mostly.  Had to "relearn" a little.  Just a few weeks away from a new skill and you can lose it.

RORY'S BIRTHDAY from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

I'm also trying to remember what I've learned from watching our older home movies that I've mentioned on here before, to film the adults and the others who are present at whatever event I am taping. The whole room is part of the story.

The sun is shining here today!!

An Invitation

It's Holy Thursday.  After Mass tonight will be a time of adoration.  The Blessed Sacrament is moved to the side altar as the main altar has been stripped at the end of Mass.  We are asked to come back and sit in adoration.  The way I understand it, this is the time that we are the disciples who sit with Jesus as he prays in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Since becoming Catholic, for me, this has been a poignant time in the Church year.

You go back to the church in the dark.  There are only a handful of people there.
The church is dim except for the lights on the side altar.

It's so quiet.  So quiet that every movement on the pew makes a noise that sounds amplified.  If you cough or clear your throat, you are sure it echoes out into the street.

It makes you aware of yourself. Not in a vainglory kind of way.  And not in a self conscious oh everyone is looking at me kind of way.  Just an awareness of yourself. 
And --- in your role as a disciple of Jesus.

Tonight we sit with Him.

It makes me relive the times I've waited. 

During this wait I get tired, as it's bedtime.  It's quiet and dark around me, it's bedtime, and I get tired.  Sometimes I've dozed off just a bit.

Just like the disciples who couldn't stay awake while He was praying in the garden.  just. like. them.

When my time is done there, I get up and drive home in the dark finding that my time waiting with Him has deepened, just a little, a place of stillness in my heart allowing me to just be.

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