June in the Tank Garden

This is my first year planting Bachelor Buttons en masse.  And, I got more than I bargained for...as this packet was called "Chinese Forget Me Nots" but they came up Bachelor Buttons!! I put the package of Bachelor Buttons in the Tank Garden so I have quite a few of these.  I'm loving them in mixed bouquets but really love a vase full of only these.

The Tank Garden is doing well this year.  I had hoped to add new mulch to the paths and may do that yet, but we'll see how the summer goes.

I've posted on Instagram about the lovely pink flowers on the left there.  Someone helped me identify them as Sweet William Catchfly. 
They are somewhat delicate, grow so easily from seeds, and seem to last about a month.  Really perfect to plant along side other flowers to bloom as you wait for others to get going.  I will transplant some of my Zinnias or Celosia in this pot when they are done.  Or just put the pot away.  They are just wonderful!!

More Bachelor Buttons!  They may be a bit tall for this space, ha!  But the height in the raised pots is really kind of neat.  I just should have given them some support.  Always learning.  Always!

These Marigolds are pretty happy...some of the biggest blooms I've ever had.  That baby's breath reseeded itself as did the Spanish Flag vines in the ground.  I sowed the Four O Clocks that are growing well in the ground there too.

My first successful year with Poppies!! So happy about that.  I planted a lot of them.  And this tank is the only place they did come up, but I have 5 different kinds in here.  Will I remember which seed pods are which?? Maybe I should be marking them.... 

A purple one.

A lighter pink one. ♥

I've had this plant for a number of years, wintering it over and then pulling it out to the garden.  This year, I've planted it in a number of places and it's thriving!

Bells of Ireland and Trufala Pink Gomphrenia

This Hyacinth Bean Vine volunteered here by our new raised bed, so I put up a vine trellis for it.  I cut a bunch of vines out of our trees last summer from the Bittersweet running amok and saved some of the pieces. :)

These Stella D'Oros, the Bee Balm and the Apricot colored Snap Dragons are hard to see because of the other flowers around them.

I added this tool box planter this year because I found Lantana at 50% off and thought I'd try it.  I hope it keeps blooming!
I didn't want to keep adding little pots, but then there were more volunteers....so I grabbed these coffee cans.


This year I started painting some pieces to add more color and art to the garden and I have really enjoyed the process of it!  This post was all weathered wood with hardly any paint left on it.

It was some point in all the rioting and I was praying for the world and for peace.

So it says, "PEACE" around in bigger letters.  I don't care that you can't read it all at once.  I know what it says.

And, so does God.  

"Peace Be With You and With Your Spirit"

The perimeter has Milkweeds, Mullein, Rudbeckia, and Queen Anne's Lace....and some weeds. Ha!


That ladder really needs a home, it's hangs here to let vines crawl on it for now.

Here is where a different variety of Forget Me Nots did come up!  

I love the color, such a striking blue!

I also repainted my bike this year and my girls repainted the white Adirondack chairs.  We are using our extra time.... 

I am really happy with how the bike turned out and may need to find a new place for it where I can see it better.

Another post that was bare wood, that I painted.

I have the Sweet William Catchfly everywhere and the Spanish Flag vine in a number of places too.  I planted them all from seeds that I saved from one vine last year.

Recent garage sale aquisitions.  They may just sit here for awhile.

From the outside.


One Hollyhock coming. I'd love to have a whole patch of these somewhere someday.

Chinese Lanterns.  I read they could be invasive.  They were right. I'm letting these grow in the sand and they are pretty happy here.

This Silver Falls is perfect with a galvanized tub!

We have animals that dig, and this little brick path takes on new dips every year.

I may have gone too far with that Avon bottle Peacock, but I saw it a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale for 50 cents and thought hmm...garden?? Peacocks like to fly up and perch on windmills and barns back in the day when there were more of them on farms.  I kind of like it there.  Soon it will be hidden with vines.  Currently Sweet Peas but then Cypress Vine.

I'm struggling a bit with the new format on blogger for creating my posts so I think there may be some odd spacing and the text looks small.  I will need to figure that out another day.  Off to the grocery store and perhaps we'll find a sale or two to stop at. :) Masked up like bandits of course!  We have masks we've made and apparently we need to hit the sewing machine yet again as two of my girls will be needing to wear them full time this fall and perhaps the younger ones may need to also. 

Continuing to pray for Peace and a Vaccine....
Have a Blessed Independence Day!

God. Bless. America.


Woodland Peace (but be careful...)

The day on Saturday was overcast and the rain was just beginning to sprinkle when my husband told me that the Dame's Rocket was blooming.

Oh, goodness.  The color was luminescent with the heavy cloud cover.

Truly, magical.  And so peaceful.

As long as you were really, really, careful to not get in the poison ivy!!  

We have quite a bit of it around and in this place in particular.  We put out flags where we find it and then spray it.  That way we can watch over the years.
My husband got quite a rash from it once and he's of the mind to not ever let that happen again.  Long pants, socks, shoes, long sleeves...check.  If we ever suspect we were in some, we wash with really cold water and soap.  

(I decided to quit fussing about Blogger and just get comfortable with the changes....)

Happy Tuesday to you!


Good Monday!!

I'll begin with a side note:  Blogger has made some changes and I'm having a little trouble adapting to the way posts are created.  I have to say, I'm not liking it much.  So many people have moved away from Blogger, but I've stayed because I'm not ready to pay for a site and because moving my blog seems like a really big job.  I know it's a really big job that I would probably need to hire someone to do.  It may be coming to that because I really don't like how things are now.   I had just created a post and then click---oops---it was gone.  

I took this image from an abandoned barn we had permission to explore this weekend.  The moodiness and mystery of it....♥♥

Now, I'm off to get some other work done so I won't recreate my first post and just share my image.

Remember I'm praying along with all of you for a cure, vaccine, and graces for our world.  


One Man's Weed...

is another man's flower.

Wow.  Am I right?
Look at those tiny little heart seed pods.  At least I'm pretty sure they are the immature seed pods or fruits as they are specifically called.

I've noticed this particular weed for years, but this year I really noticed it.  As in, what in the world is this gorgeous little volunteer and can I grow it where I want it? 

Will it last in a vase? I wondered.  Yes, it will! 

A big question: What IS it?  I thought I knew.  Pennycress.  But, when I checked, I was wrong.  It is Shepherd's Purse. Cool name, huh?  I do have Field Pennycress growing as a weed around here too and am going to investigate cultivating it for dried flowers.  

Now, if I can "harness" them and get them to grow where I want them I'll be thrilled. 

Little hearts showing up right now in the world was pretty wonderful.

♥ A very surprising gift for sure.  ♥
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