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Find Your Peace Within

Peace is always a quest, isn't it?

What do you want most from life?  

A path to Heaven for my family and myself  (and everyone else!) and peace.

When you look out at others, what they are doing, what they have, it gets a bit hard to find the peace you desire.  The other day when I was up close in the blossoms of the flowering crab trees, it was so beautiful and peaceful within the branches and I was reminded of this truth.

Peace can only be found from within, where Christ dwells in you.  

Why is that where it's found with Him?

Because that is the only place where you are fully known.  Within, by Him.

And, that is a pretty wonderful place to be.

Sunday Vibes

Spring Blossoms ♥

I've seemed to have briefly lost my way in photography and photo editing. I am seeing how a person can let outside influences affect you interiorly in surprising ways.

The depth and nuances are too much for a blog post. 

So, I'll just say, that it's my hope to return to picture taking with my Nikon.

The flowering crabs were just gorgeous yesterday and the sun was perfect to highlight the blossoms!

When you get right up in the blossoms to smell them and to take in the little details, the experience is very different than just looking at them from a distance.

One of my daughters was outside when I began taking pictures and I called her over.

To get up close and personal with the blossoms so to speak. :) 

It was great that she could see without my prompting, that there were shadows in the little parts of the blossoms from the sun.  

So many details that we miss.

We have two varieties of flowering Crab Apple Trees.

Good thing I don't have to choose a favorite.  The white one however has sent out quite a few "volunteers" which is a huge bonus!

~ Happy Springtime ~

Finding Photos

Today, is  gloomy and I have a real 'taking ibuprofen/acetaminophen/carrying around a box of tissues/using a hot pack' kind of cold.  So I'm catching up a bit on photo organizing on the computer.

I don't remember the occasion, but I do remember telling the girls that since they were dressed up, lets do a photo shoot in the newly cleared path in our trees.




Since this day, braces have come off...woohoo!  That's always a grand day!  Five kids down, one to go. :) 

They are always so willing to have their pictures taken and I'm so happy for that.

This cold that I have along with the gloomy cold weather we are still having makes planting the garden still seem so far away.  I've been repotting and taking some more cuttings of plants I wintered over so I'll have a few "free" plants to put out.  Very excited about that.  I managed to save a few varieties of coleus, two begonias,  two varieties of Wandering Jews along with quite a few succulents.

I hope it warmer where you are...have a great Tuesday!

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