Monday, October 20, 2014

Vintage Scarf Updated- Easy DIY

My oldest daughter was wearing such a pretty scarf on stylish, but, still vintage....

She had picked it up at her favorite thrift store and then stitched the two ends together to create an infinity scarf!  She hand stitched it, but you could also use a machine.

Goodness, what an easy transformation!  If worn as it was, it would have looked like a thrifted scarf, albeit pretty. But, as an infinity scarf, it's modernized and stylish.  I love it!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Around the House--In Cartoon Mode!

I discovered this week that my phone camera has a "cartoon" mode.  Now while it may not use much in the way of editing "skills"...I had great fun with it!  And, looking at one's life from a slightly animated a different perspective.  So a quick trip through part of our house this morning.  As is.

I've been a champion dish-stacker since my childhood.

The remains of breakfast.

Homework, laundry, and legos.  On the dining room table. 

More homework, books, dance bag, dolls, pillow, and blankets askew.
(Dolls laying around makes my heart smile)


This is a portion of my vintage religious artwork collection.  Someday when the bathroom is clean, I'll share it.  Someday. :)

It's so much easier to see yourself in a picture in cartoon mode!

If I could paint a watercolor picture, I would paint this.  Through our bathroom window.  The burning bush outside is stunning.

Through our back door.  Leaves are a gathering.

And, stopping at the computer to download the pictures from my phone.

Here's to rose colored glasses or cartoon mode today...because most things exist in how you choose to see them.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sunday in the Park

There has been lots of celebrating and just life stuff going on here...a baby shower, marching band competition, visiting, coffee drinking, birthday cake eating, bike riding, cheering...
everything but duck feeding.

We went to the park on Sunday to feed the ducks.  There were only 4 geese to be seen, no ducks, and the geese took off when we tried to approach them.  I've taken my kids to the park for years to feed the ducks and this is the first time we went home with our stale bread. 

So we played a bit instead.

My husband and daughter share a birthday and we celebrated on Sunday.  My college son was home, but opted for a nap on the couch instead of duck feeding at the park.  What?!
I'd already had my nap. :)

 My son in law was working on their house renovation. Or maybe he was napping too? Ha!
It could have been a Christmas card picture taking event. But, candid shots = less stress = more play.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Black and White Wednesday

Remember this post from Black and White Wednesday?  Well, my son has had one film developed, but no prints made yet.  The light meter on the camera appears to be faulty and when he took it in to the camera shop he was told it couldn't be fixed or at least not for a reasonable fee.  He was advised to buy a light meter to use separately from the camera.  He's knee deep in college right now so all the picture taking is pretty much on the back burner.

I really liked this photo of him checking out his negatives.  Do you remember doing this?  Trying to figure out which one you wanted reprinted?!  I hope to some day do some type of art project with old negatives or slides, just not sure what yet.  I've seen lamp shades made from them that are kind of neat.  Maybe I need to get an x-ray light box to display some on!  There must be some available somewhere as all x rays are now digital. Hmmm....

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Texture Tuesday

Have you seen these head planters in garden shops or perhaps you have one?  I was smitten with them. Maybe someday.  We went to a new to us garden shop this spring and I first saw them there.

Ideas growing and flowing out of our minds is what I thought of.  Reminds me of this post. All that beautiful potential we all have. 

You really can take this further and maybe down a different path. What are the fruits of our thoughts?  Is what we busy our minds with life giving?  Does it produce beautiful growth?  Reminds me of this post. 
These little reminders are good for me.

The above image was textured with Kim Klassen's Plaster texture.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Digest

►Taken with my phone yesterday as I told my garden goodbye....the phone camera caught the sun rays beautifully!

►Sewing for little ones?  These softies are adorable.  I can't decide which I like best between her sets of the farm, meadow, or zoo.  The fabric choices will make all the difference if you make them. Maybe a little grand daughter will be getting some for Christmas...

►You'd spend some pennies saved from thrifting here....but I do like this reproduction laundry basket.

►And from the abundance of apples we picked last week...this pie in on the menu for this week.

►One more picture from my phone...while picking apples.  I liked the red ladder and the teal shed.  You can see a lot of apples hit the ground before we got there.  There are still bags of apples in our foyer.  I best get going. :)

Have a wonderful fall weekend!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Parliament of Fun Pretzel Owls

Fun fact: Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?  Me either!  Until I searched. 

How about making a parliament of scary owls for your October gatherings?
You will need:
  • Pretzels
  • Reeces pieces
  • Chocolate almond bark
  • Orange and brown candy corn
Easy instructions:  Melt chocolate almond bark in microwave or double boiler, stirring often.  Assemble with the pretzels on parchment or waxed paper as the photo shows.

So would you call this a recipe? or a project?  A Procipe?  A project made from food!

Take note that how you place the eyes will make them look even more ominous.  See the bottom left owl?  If you put chocolate, eyes, and nose lower, they look scarier!  I didn't like that so placed the eyes higher on the rest.

I made a few with the traditional colored candy corn and yellow eyes too. A very stern parliament.

I actually made these last year while watching a Husker football game at home.  I took a few pictures, ate them with the kids and never got around to posting about them.

Happy October to you all!!

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